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On the rocks: Nirav Modi’s Emerald Waterfall necklace is a lavish cascade of emeralds and diamonds

Indian-born jeweller Nirav Modi started his label only seven years ago, making his eponymous brand a relative newcomer to a scene already dominated by big fashion houses backed by centuries of heritage. But make no mistake, Modi is no amateur to the world of glittering gemstones. Born to a family of diamond manufacturers and now one of the youngest billionaires in India, his first serious venture into the jewellery realm began in 1999, when he started diamond export company Firestar Diamond.

It was in 2010 that Modi launched his namesake label and started creating his own jewellery designs crafted with dazzling diamonds in patented cuts such as the jasmine cut (where the rocks are shaped to resemble delicate flower petals). His brand has grown progressively over the years, winning the hearts of celebrities such as actresses Kate Winslet and Taraji P Henson — who have been spotted wearing his resplendent creations on the red carpet. He currently runs nine jewellery boutiques across New York, London, India and China.

Nirav Modi waterfall on the rocks
Priyanka Chopra in Nirav Modi’s emerald Waterfall necklace. (Photo: Patrick Demarchelier)

But Nirav Modi’s most high-profile development has got to be its recently launched 2017 “Inspire Awe” campaign, which is fronted by actresses Priyanka Chopra and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. The campaign is photographed by renowned fashion shutterbug Patrick Demarchelier, and features Chopra and Huntington-Whiteley dressed in key designs from Modi’s latest collection.

A particular standout is the magnificent Waterfall necklace, which comprises streams of alternating bright green Colombian emeralds and brilliant and rose cut diamonds. These stunning stones are cleverly angled to capture light when worn, so as to achieve the best sparkling effect, and minimal metal is used in the setting of the diamonds — creating the illusion that they are floating seamlessly together.

Nirav Modi waterfall on the rocks
Emeralds and diamonds alternate in cascading streams.

Modelled by Chopra, who also sports a pair of matching emerald earrings, this cascading necklace is undoubtedly one of the highlights in Modi’s gorgeous 2017 collection. Other noteworthy items in the range include the brand’s signature Embrace bracelets, which are fitted with a patented mechanism that allows them to stretch over the wearer’s wrist.

Nirav Modi’s first Singapore store is slated to open in September at Marina Bay Sands.

(Featured photo: Patrick Demarchelier)

On the rocks: Nirav Modi’s Emerald Waterfall necklace is a lavish cascade of emeralds and diamonds

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