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On the rocks: Wallace Chan’s A Lyrical Moment is a flawless harmony of coloured gemstones

The annual European Fine Art Fair (TEFAF) in Maastricht, Netherlands, has seen its share of some incredible artworks, antiques and jewellery. There was Paul Gauguin‘s Deux Femmes painting, which made headlines at the 2010 show, as it was one of the artist’s last major works to be put up for sale. It carried a price tag of US$26 million (S$36 million).

At last year’s fair, a standout item was Les Ferrets De La Reine, a 1958 pair of head clips mounted with lustrous emeralds and diamonds, and designed by Italian jeweller Fulco di Verdura. The jewels were named after a pair of diamond studs in The Three Musketeers.

wallace chan
A Lyrical Moment is a bejewelled symphony. (Photo: TEFAF)

This year’s TEFAF, which kicked off on March 10, didn’t disappoint, either. Particularly noteworthy was Hong Kong-based jeweller Wallace Chan’s A Lyrical Moment bangle, a stunning and vivid hued assortment of fancy coloured sapphires, tsavorite garnets, diamonds, yellow diamonds, rubies and amethysts.

Wallace Chan
The bangle in all its resplendent glory. (Photo: TEFAF/ Harry Heuts)

The glittering showstopper was inspired by Chan’s childhood memories, and its mix of vibrant colours references “childhood innocence and a world of boundless fantasy”, where children use crayons and paper to express their ambitions, hopes and dreams.

This isn’t the first time that Chan has created something so beautifully over-the-top. In 2015, he was commissioned by Chow Tai Fook to create A Heritage in Bloom, a resplendent necklace featuring a 104-carat centre diamond, thousands of white diamonds and pink diamonds, green jadeite, mutton fat white jade, and 24 D-colour, internally flawless diamonds cut from the Cullinan Heritage — a 507.55-carat rough diamond. If that’s not amazing enough, the convertible jewel was also designed to be worn in 27 different ways.


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