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Prada debuts its fine jewellery collection in gold and diamonds

Prada has been very dedicated to the craft of luxury bags and fashion. But for the first time in the history of this Italian fashion house, jewellery is also given the same grand attention in yellow gold and diamonds.

While Prada has had a wealth of experience crafting bold costume jewellery in plexiglass and acrylic, its move into fine jewellery is set to elevate many of the brand’s well-loved motifs. Far from dainty designs, Prada goes for a touch of playfulness through its sophisticated craft.

Prada’s roses, first visualised in metal and coloured crystals costume pieces, are now reinterpreted as a blooming bundle of gold petals circling a diamond bezel. The rabbit, one featured as prints, is now cast into smooth, gleaming pendants. Prada’s guitar and movable robot charms also see a reprise as fine jewellery.

The banana, Prada’s most iconic motif, is set to be the most coveted design in the collection. The collection sees an amusing update of the light-hearted tropical design: a finely-sculpted monkey hanging on to the fruit.

This is, of course, more than just transposing motifs in precious materials. Prada sets these whimsical designs up in contemporary settings as studs, dangling earrings, necklaces and chokers as well as stackable bracelets and cuffs.  

The fine jewellery collection is also one that’s in touch with the times. All pieces are made using 18-carat gold and diamonds strictly sourced from suppliers certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) — a foundation set up in 2015 to promote ethical and sustainable practices in precious metal and gemstone processing.

Prada’s first jewellery collection will be available from May onwards in selected Prada boutiques and at prada.com.

Jasmine Tay
Senior Writer
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