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India’s own rare ‘Matryoshka’ diamond discovered in Surat; named ‘Beating Heart’

The rarest of rare naturally occurring diamonds has been found by a diamond company in Surat. India’s very own Matryoshka diamond has been discovered. In simple words, it is the rare phenomenon when one diamond resides inside another.

Diamond manufacturing and trading company in Gujarat’s Surat, Vallabh Dhanjibhai Global (VD Global), discovered this diamond in October 2022. They have named it “Beating Heart”, based on what they felt when they saw this diamond for the first time. A sight holder of De Beers Group, the world’s leading diamond company, VD Global exports polished diamonds and imports rough diamonds. Let’s find out more about the Indian version of Matryoshka diamond.

Surat firm discovers rarest of rare Matryoshka diamond

The 0.329-carat, D-coloured diamond was discovered by the Surat-based firm when they received a consignment of rough diamonds and were examining the batch. That’s when they found one piece of unusual diamond that had a smaller diamond inside it. They examined it further and named it based on its unusual composition.

Matryoshka diamond

In a statement to Indian Express, Bhavya Vaghasia, the nephew of Vallabh Vaghasia, said, “After finding such a unique, rare rough diamond, we sent it to the De Beers office at its facilities in Maidenhead in the UK in November 2022 for research. We got it back a couple of months ago and kept it in our safe vault. We will not get it cut or polished. My uncle promotes natural diamonds, so this unique piece of diamond will be used as a medium to promote natural diamonds. We also plan to put the ‘Beating Heart’ diamond for public view at Bharat Diamond Bourse in Mumbai and look at several other ideas.”

The team at De Beers found that the cavity in this Surat diamond was formed due to preferential etching of an intermediate layer of poor-quality fibrous diamond. In this case, while the outer core etched away, the good quality diamond survived and stayed inside, leading to the formation of this unique structure where the inner diamond can freely move inside the cavity.

The Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council has included the “Beating Heart” in the list of rare diamonds, along with the original Matryoshka diamond which was found in Russia.

All Images: gemaofgb/Instagram

India’s own rare ‘Matryoshka’ diamond discovered in Surat; named ‘Beating Heart’

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