Favoured by the likes of legendary screen icon Elizabeth Taylor, Italian jeweller Bulgari has long been associated with glamorous jewels embellished with vibrantly hued gemstones. And its recently launched Magnificent Inspirations haute joaillerie range stays true to those roots. The opulent new collection is inspired by the brand’s heritage and culture, and is split into three categories: Mediterranean Eden, Roman Heritage and Italian Extravaganza.

A standout piece is the Divas’ Dream Gioco e Vanità High Jewellery necklace, which is part of the Italian Extravaganza line. Fashioned in white gold, the bib-like necklace is a captivating assortment of emeralds, sapphires and diamonds.

If diamonds aren’t enough for you, this necklace also comes with sapphires and emeralds. (Photo: Bulgari)

Its entire length is adorned with fourteen round brilliant-cut diamonds and pavé diamonds, and is interspersed with 13 round emerald beads (20.20 carats), 16 round sapphire beads (43.40 carats), nine buff top cut emeralds (0.69 carats), 105 buff top cut sapphires (9.04 carats) — which provide vivid pops of colour.

Named after the Italian words for “play” and “vanity”, the necklace is also inspired by the peacock — a symbol of beauty and confidence. Its striking colours call to mind the bird’s glorious tail feathers, while its sleek, sexy curves are based on the ancient mosaic patterns of the imperial Baths of Diocletian.

Check out those curves.

With its bold, contemporary design and striking hues, the Divas’ Dream Gioco e Vanità necklace is the perfect statement accessory for all occasions.


Sara Yap
Deputy Director, Digital Operations (Asia)
Sara Yap is the Deputy Director of Digital Operations at BurdaLuxury, and a contributing writer to Lifestyle Asia’s dining and jewellery beats. When she’s not on the lookout for exciting new restaurants or bejewelled trinkets, she’s probably buried in a riveting read, or reminiscing the good ol’ days with her favourite playlist of ’90s boyband hits.