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On the rocks: Chaumet Firmament Apollinien necklace

Founded in 1780, French jeweller Chaumet has a rich history of designing bewitching jewels for a star-studded clientele the likes of Empress Josephine. Its latest high jewellery collection, La Nature de Chaumet, looks to nature as its muse, but is no less regal in its designs.

Chaumet Firmament Apollinien necklace
The gorgeous Firmament Apollinien necklace is part of Chaumet’s new La Nature de Chaumet high jewellery collection. (Photo: Chaumet)

The enchanting new collection spans four ranges of jewels and is crafted around laurel, wheat, oak and lily designs — which are motifs in classical Greek and Roman mythology, and have appeared in the Maison’s archival pieces.

A standout jewel is the Firmament Apollinien convertible necklace, which is part of the laurel-inspired Le Laurier de Chaumet range. The flamboyant necklace is mounted with five velvety blue, cushion-cut Ceylon sapphires weighing over 34 carats in total, thirty-four brilliant-cut diamonds (14.72 carats) festooned in shapes of swirling ribbons and leaves, and delicate moonstones.

Collier N2 Laurier A_Petit HD
Sapphires, diamonds and moonstones come together in glorious harmony. (Photo: Chaumet)

If that’s not sufficiently lavish, the jewel is also peppered with smaller cabochon-cut sapphires in between its leaf motifs, and showcases more diamonds encrusted on its white gold chain and clasp.

Another key feature of the necklace is that it can be worn in two different ways: Its bottom part can be removed for a simpler, more demure look ideal for both formal and day-to-day use.

Chaumet Collier N2 Laurier A Version 2_Petit HD
Detach the bottom portion of the necklace for a less flamboyant look. (Photo: Chaumet)

The rest of Chaumet’s glittering laurel-inspired range is equally stunning, and includes rings, earrings, a transformable tiara, a watch and another necklace. According to the brand, this range is based on the laurel’s significance as a symbol of victory and immortality — an apt meaning, seeing how its new jewellery designs are nothing short of timeless.


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