In conjunction with Paris Couture Week earlier this year, Chaumet unveiled Insolence, its latest high jewellery collection. Inspired by ribbons favoured by Queen Marie-Antoinette, and Belle Epoque designs, the resplendent range made its debut in a series of photographs by New York-based shutterbug Karen Collins. These pictures were first exhibited in an art gallery within the Maison’s 12 place Vendôme store, in January.

Featuring a model clad in nothing but the jewels, Collins’ images are unabashedly — almost insolently — sexy. They also showcase an intriguing juxtaposition between the allure of bare skin, and the refined daintiness of the bow-shaped designs. And of course, there is the underlying hint of sensuality, as a ribbon can be easily unravelled to reveal what’s within.

Chaumet’s Insolence earrings.

One particularly captivating photo depicts the model gazing into the distance, her hair gently windswept to reveal a glittering pair of diamond earrings. Each earring is intricately crafted with a long, white gold ribbon festooned with brilliant-cut diamonds, and entwined with a woven rope of pink gold.

Like the rest of the pieces in the Insolence collection, the earrings’ bow motifs are based on Chaumet’s archival designs, such as an 1895 asymmetric bowknot brooch and 1922 corsage ornament designed by Joseph Chaumet.

A 1922 corsage ornament by Joseph Chaumet.

Other dazzling jewels in the range include rings, bracelets, and a necklace that can be worn down one’s back. All are adorned with similar ribbon motifs, and fashioned in white and pink gold.

Sara Yap
Deputy Director, Digital Operations (Asia)
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