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On the rocks: Chopard The Garden of Kalahari necklace

In 2015, Chopard acquired The Queen of Kalahari, an eye-popping 342-carat rough diamond discovered in Botswana’s Karowe mine. The massive rock was strikingly beautiful, with its flawless clarity and D colour — the highest colour grade for diamonds.

It was later cut into an ensemble of 23 smaller diamonds, five of which weighed more than 20 carats each, and were crafted in cushion, brilliant, heart, pear and emerald-shaped cuts.

chopard garden of kalahari
The Garden of Kalahari. (Photo: Chopard)

At the recently concluded Paris Haute Couture Week, Chopard launched The Garden of Kalahari, a high jewellery collection utilising these 23 exquisite stones. The range comprises a necklace, earrings, two rings and a secret watch, all of which are ornamented with diamond guipure lace details and cut-out motifs.

The star item of the stunning collection, is undoubtedly the convertible necklace, which can be worn as a choker or a statement piece with three large diamond pendants. 

Chopard The Cheat Sheet
Such an exquisite jewel. (Photo: Chopard)

Its pendants are bedecked with centre stones of a 50-carat brilliant-cut diamond, 26-carat heart-shaped diamond and 25-carat pear-shaped diamond, and trimmed with many smaller diamonds. If wearing all three pendants at once seems a little too ostentatious, wearers can opt to detach one or two, for a more elegant look. The heart and pear-shaped pendants can also be attached to the earrings in the same collection.

The necklace is no less impressive when worn as a simple choker, with its diamond-encrusted lacework patterns that culminate in a 6.41-carat brilliant-cut centre sparkler surrounded by pear-shaped (98 carats), brilliant-cut (40 carats) and marquise-cut (2 carats) diamonds. 

Chopard, Queen of Kalhahari, Collection exceptionnelle de diamants, Travail à l'atelier de haute joaillerie
The necklace when worn as a choker. (Photo: Chopard)

In line with Chopard’s commitment to creating sustainable jewellery, the necklace is fashioned in 18k white Fairmined gold, which is obtained from artisanal miners who adhere to responsible practices.


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