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On the rocks: Mouawad Masterpiece Collection diamond and emerald suite

The recent Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show had us riveted by the gorgeous, extravagant lingerie on the runway, as well as the rousing performances by musicians Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars and The Weeknd. And, of course, we were left very much in awe at the Angels’ enviably slender and fit figures — which made us feel more than a little guilty about scarfing down that greasy, cholesterol-packed burger for lunch.

But another aspect of the show that proved equally lavish and captivating, was the beautiful Mouawad jewellery worn by the Angels. The jeweller has collaborated with Victoria’s Secret for 16 years to showcase its sparkling jewels on the annual show’s runway. This year’s edition was no different, with the Angels decked out in some US$12 million (S$17.3 million) of glittering diamonds and gemstones from Mouawad’s Masterpiece Collection.

Sanne Vloet looks absolutely stunning. (Photo: Mouawad)

We couldn’t pick just one favourite piece, but we were drawn to this suite of Colombian diamond and emerald jewellery, which was modelled by Dutch Angel Sanne Vloet. Fashioned in 18k white gold, it comprises a necklace, bracelet, earrings and ring.

The jewels are mounted with some 101 carats of briolette-cut diamonds and emeralds, and culminate in starburst motifs at their centre. The necklace is particularly eye-catching, as it is the very picture of opulence with cascading diamonds that end in drops of emerald. When paired with the matching earrings, the result is simply breathtaking.

Feast your eyes on these diamonds and emeralds from Mouawad. (Photo: Mouawad)

The full set of jewels is valued at US$3 million (S$4.33 million). “Each jewel from the collection [is] as gorgeous and awe-inspiring as the VS Angel wearing it,” said Pascal Mouawad, co-guardian of the Mouawad brand.


Sara Yap
Deputy Director, Digital Operations (Asia)
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