There’s hardly a day that elicits more patriotism with Singaporeans than National Day. It’s also pretty much the only socially acceptable day to sport an ensemble solely consisting of red and white. However, if you’re not interested in pledging your allegiance by jumping on the achromatic-scarlet bandwagon, these ruby and diamond high jewellery pieces will do the trick — with infinitely more pizzazz.

As one of the most valuable and rare gemstones on Earth, the ruby’s vibrant hue has been celebrated around the globe for its rich symbolism of love and passion. Its rouge allure can also be largely attributed to its versatility — cabochon and faceted cuts give visual texture that can’t be replicated with other precious stones such as diamonds.

Yet put both together, and you’ll get a synergy that you’ll be hard pressed to find with other gemstone combinations with their sheer contrast. This might be quite the flashy way of showing your appreciation for the nation, but 53 years of independence is a pretty big deal and calls for a celebration beyond the blah red tees and white shorts uniform.

Here are some of the most dazzling ruby and diamond high jewellery pieces that’ll do the trick just fine.

Bvlgari Festa brooch

The searing summer heat all year round is pretty much the only gripe Singaporeans have living the island life here, and there’s no better way to passive-aggressively “complain” (Singaporean-style) than with a gelato-shaped brooch. Fully encrusted with 9.75 carats worth of diamonds, save for three jubilantly vivid buff-top rubies that evoke fresh summery flavours, the Festa brooch is the only icy treat that can withstand the temperatures here.

Chaumet “Aria Passionata” ring

Inspired by the emotions and ardour of some of the greatest opera arias in the world, the Aria Passionata series highlights the beauty of the fairer sex with flashes of scarlet hues throughout. Set in pink gold and lacquer, the 6.02-carat cushion-cut Vivid Red Pigeon’s Blood ruby from Mozambique steals the limelight despite being nestled within two more cabochon-cut rubies, and another 1.5 carats worth of garnets, diamonds and baguette-cut rubies.

Harry Winston Crossover earrings

Made for the more colour-conservative, Harry Winston’s Crossover earrings sees three rows of 84 brilliant diamonds artfully decked upon an overlapping platinum setting. Designed to celebrate the brilliance of diamonds, Harry Winston had a little help from two vivid rubies for maximum juxtaposition, creating a seldom-seen subtler rendition of the classic.

Dior Dior Dior “Dentelle Satin Rubis” earrings

The Dior Dior Dior high jewellery collection is a archival tribute to its virtuosity in lace, and with a heritage so steeped in haute couture, it’s easy to see how Dior managed to translate its savoir faire so effortlessly. The pair of mismatched earrings see two generously-cut rubies take center stage amidst the floral motif set elegantly in pink gold and adorned throughout with diamonds for good measure.

Graff Ruby and Diamond earrings

Taking inspiration from the spirited serpentine lines of modern artists Cy Twombly and Christopher Wool, Graff’s squiggly earrings are an exuberant swirl of rubies and diamonds, with 11.92 carats worth of the former and 4.27 carats of the latter. The looping earrings culminate with two pear shaped rubies that are suspended ever so delicately, giving the illusion of lightness despite being a gem-heavy piece.

Shatricia Nair
Deputy Editor
Shatricia Nair is a motoring, watches, and wellness writer who is perpetually knee-deep in the world of V8s, tourbillons, and the latest fitness trends. She is fuelled by peanut butter and three cups of coffee a day.