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Seeing green: 5 brands to buy peridot jewellery from

From nature-themed home interiors to foliage-inspired apparel, Greenery — Pantone‘s colour of the year — is clearly the hottest hue of the moment. And it’s not difficult to see why: The yellow-green shade, which symbolises renewal and vitality, is a versatile one that easily injects a dash of vibrancy into any outfit or living space.

It is also possible to incorporate this verdant colour into jewellery, by wearing pieces embellished with peridot, a gemstone that carries a similar yellow-green hue. The gemstone is a type of olivine, a mineral obtained from rocks in the earth’s mantle. Its origins date back to the days of ancient Egypt, when it was favoured by Pharaohs and dubbed “the gem of the sun”. People at that time also used it as protective talismans and medical remedies.

Salvador Dali’s marvellous peridot jewellery suite. (Credit: Christie’s)

Even the legendary Salvador Dali was enamoured with the lustrous green stone. In the 1960s, he designed a magnificent suite of peridot, diamond and gold jewellery. Produced by American jeweller Charles Valliant, it featured a peridot ring and “Fantasy Necklace” — which comprised a spectacular gold brick link choker with baguette diamonds and lion head fountain motifs, attached to a detachable collar sheathed completely in peridots and diamonds. This glorious jewellery set went under the hammer at a 2005 Christie’s auction in New York, and was sold for US$192,000 (S$272,678).

We may never get to possess Dali’s marvellous creation, but here are 5 jewellers that have come up with some equally gorgeous peridot designs. Ranging from a quirky pair of ear cuffs to an opulent seahorse brooch, these jewels will have you convinced that green is the new black.

(Main photo credit: Gemstone Buzz; Featured photo credit: Christie’s)


Part of the Cartier Magicien high jewellery collection, these exquisite white gold ear cuffs are set with a lattice of brilliant-cut diamonds, and feature bulb-like protrusions of peridot beads. The result is a flamboyant jewel that easily adds a touch of whimsy to any outfit.



Chaumet‘s Jardins “Abeilles” necklace showcases a pendant bedecked with glittering gemstones such as tsavorite garnets, yellow sapphires and diamonds, which have been meticulously arranged to resemble two bees. One of the bees is crafted with a 5.96-carat pear-shaped peridot, while the other is made from a 8.19-carat mandarin garnet. Peridot also makes an appearance in a bead attached to the white gold necklace chain. The pendant is detachable, and can be worn on its own as a brooch.



Piaget‘s Limelight “Tutti Green” Cocktail Inspiration ring features an eye-popping 10.98-carat oval-cut peridot mounted with two brilliant-cut yellow diamonds, and flanked by three brilliant-cut white diamonds along its circumference. The striking jewel is set in 18k yellow gold for a luxurious finish.


Tiffany & Co

This intricate seahorse pin from Tiffany & Co’s Jean Schlumberger range is fashioned in 18k gold and platinum. It is festooned with a lavish assortment of round peridots (9.88 carats), amethysts (3.20 carats), sapphire (0.03 carats) and brilliant-cut diamonds (1.44 carats), which are strategically placed along the body and scales of the seahorse.



If you’re more inclined towards jewellery with just a hint of green, try Bulgari‘s elegant Colour Treasures “Ispirazioni Italiane” necklace, which is made of pink gold and adorned with a colourful array of peridot (15.39 carats), mandarin garnet (34.22 carats), aquamarine (15.28 carats), pink tourmaline (19.38 carats) and pavé diamonds (1.97 carats).


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