If there’s a gemstone that will eternally remain in vogue, it’s the diamond. Hollywood has long been obsessed with the sparkler: The seventh James Bond film in 1971 was named Diamonds Are Forever, while the 1953 flick Gentlemen Prefer Blondes featured screen siren Marilyn Monroe performing Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend — an iconic tune with lyrics that name-dropped jewellers such as Cartier and Tiffany & Co. And just a few years ago, Barbadian singer Rihanna topped the charts with her 2012 hit titled — what else — Diamonds.

So universal is its appeal, that the diamond is well-loved by celebrities (usually when it comes in ostentatiously large sizes) and regular folk (like us) alike. It is traditionally white or colourless, but rare coloured variations in hues of pink, violet, red or blue are also available and highly sought-after. Blue diamonds, in particular, have been stealing the limelight as of late, with at least two major auction houses showcasing them as highlight pieces. These coveted rocks obtain their blue shade from boron atoms trapped inside their crystalline structures, and have been discovered in mines in South Africa, Australia and India.

Here are 5 blue diamonds that are indeed a feast for the eyes. Two will go under the hammer later this month, so you can consider making a bid to get your hands on these beauties.