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Simone Jewels unveils first customisable jewellery line, Jouer by Simone

Local jeweller Simone Ng is typically used to high-browed clientele for her creations. Under her award-winning label, Simone Jewels, Ng’s oeuvre is full of one-of-a-kind pieces that are elaborate, poetic and even theatrical. Take for instance her Jewels of Architecture from 2017: a series of six rings inspired by iconic British architecture, topped with luscious sugarloaf cabochons and speckled with micro-pave diamonds.

Now, Ng has taken a significantly different route with her latest jewellery line. Called Jouer by Simone, the brand is a more casual — even disruptive — alternative to the haute joaillerie of Simone Jewels.

Jouer is aimed at creating highly-customisable fine-chic jewellery, but it is strictly available for purchase online since pieces are all made-to-order. Save for the occasional pop-up store, interested buyers won’t be able to browse through sample pieces at any physical boutiques. There are no designers to consult in this process: the jewellery piece is entirely up to individual preferences.

Jouer debuts with five collections, with prices ranging from S$480 for a pair of 9-carat gold earrings to S$9,480 for a bangle with over 200 small diamonds and gemstones.

The unisex Rockstar collection plays with geometric shapes and spikes. Edgy features a serpentine tessellation of sugarloaf gemstones and faceted gold surfaces. Ocean Girl goes for Akoya pearls and matte petals: a timeless look for the modern woman.

Blue spinel ring from the Birds In Poetry Collection (Image credit: Simone Jewels)

There are also cues to Ng’s high jewellery pieces. The Artist collection sees a more casual take on motifs in Simone Jewels’ Birds in Poetry collection. A flurry of diamonds and large gems are reinterpreted as enamel-coloured feathers. The Lover sees a contemporary, linear reimagination of Ng’s feathered muses.

All the pieces have varying levels of customisation too. A simple ring can be had in white, yellow, rose or the more uncommon and edgier black gold. Another more intricate piece from the Artist collection can be customised to take on six different colours of enamel.


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There are certain limitations: customers won’t be able to select specific semi-precious gemstones or diamonds for their gold jewellery. Instead, there’s a fixed palette of recommended gemstones and embellishments like mother-of-pearl inlays that can still be adopted and adapted for a truly unique piece.

Jouer by Simone is certainly great news for fans of the local jeweller who aren’t as enthused about coughing up an arm, a leg and a few fingers for her high jewellery pieces. In the larger scope of things, Simone Ng’s new project might just offer a glimpse into the plausible future of retailing luxury fashion and accessories in a digital era.


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