Let’s face it. As far as jewellery is concerned, jade tends to get quite the dowdy, unglamorous rep. It’s often associated with one’s grandmother or the stereotypical mahjong-playing mother-in-law, thanks to that one staple accessory favoured by the older demographic: The plain green jade bangle. Other usual suspects in the jade jewellery category include the equally ubiquitous jade necklace — where a circular, ring-like piece of the stone hangs suspended from a chain.

But recent years have seen jade undergo a makeover, thanks to a number of brands that have incorporated it into trendy, modern designs. Some have also veered away from the traditional green option and experimented with other types of jadeite in hues of white, black and pink. Even Hollywood is warming to jade jewellery, with a number of celebrities using the stone to complement their outfits.

If you’re thinking of giving the much-misunderstood jade a shot, here are 5 jewellers to go to. And don’t worry, you won’t end up looking old-fashioned.

(Main photo credit: Annoushka; Featured photo credit: CNN)