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Style guide: 5 ways to wear the PANDORA Autumn collection rings

Nature is the signature of PANDORA’s Autumn 2016 collection. Inspired by the way dew glistens as the autumnal sun rises, PANDORA’s standout Dazzling Droplets series is an elegant mesh of timeless essence and minimalist style.

The collection comprises rings, necklaces and earrings that are chic, yet versatile enough to carry you from the office to a glamorous dinner party . The dew shape motif recurs through the entire range, though you can opt for varying styles — from pavé-set cubic zirconia, pearl, crystal, and gleaming stones.

The Vintage Allure range is another highlight. Taking cues from Art Deco, PANDORA revives the aesthetic of a dated era into statement pieces. Solitare and geometric lace designs combine to create abstract motifs that perfectly marry past glamour with a modern touch.

Wearing multiple rings on each hand is incredibly trendy at the moment, and with the collection’s stunning ring selection, we’ve put two and two together to present to you guide to how you can pull of the biggest accessory trend of the moment.

The collection is available at all PANDORA outlets.

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Stacks on stacks

Pair the PANDORA droplet rings in complementary colours together on one finger. For a more dynamic look, angle the jewels for a clustered stack.

Pictured: Dazzling Droplet ring, June Droplet Birthstone ring, Luminous Droplet ring, $89 each

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Complementary hues

Mix-and-match different ring styles and colours that accent your outfit of the day. We’ve chosen soft rose and amethyst rings, paired with an elegant cubic zirconia piece that you can either stack, or wear on separate fingers.

Pictured: October Droplet Birthstone ring, $89; Radiant of Hearts PANDORA ring, $99; February Droplet Birthstone ring, $89

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The full set

You don’t have to stick to rings alone. Match accessories with similar aesthetics to elevate your outfit. The PANDORA Vintage Allure collection is ideal to complete a look, as the unique pendant design prevents your accessories from becoming too monotonous.

Pictured: Vintage Allure ring, $149; Vintage Allure drop earrings, $179

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Mixed metals

Gone are the days where mixing metals constitutes a fashion faux pas. When done tastefully, mixed metals emphasise the elegance of any look. If you’ve never experimented before, try purchasing one ring design in two finishes before venturing into other styles.

Pictured: Radiant of Hearts PANDORA ring, $99 each

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As a necklace

Double down on your rings by transforming them into pendants for a necklace. String a ring through a simple sterling silver chain to keep it minimal, or stack multiple for a more striking neckpiece. Tip: pick a ring with an intrinsically unique design, like this cubic zirconia ring.

Pictured: Vintage Fascination ring, $249

Style guide: 5 ways to wear the PANDORA Autumn collection rings

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