The stacking ring game is back with a bang. Recently, luxury jewellers like Louis Vuitton, Cartier and Tiffany & Co. are batting out new collections to get everyone in the mix-and-match mood for summer.

It’s certainly not the latest accessory trend. But the endless opportunities of experimenting with a variety of styles make stacking a uniquely dynamic way of adding colour to outfits every time.

The best part of stacking your jewellery is that there aren’t any strict rules about it. You can go subtle, or go crazy with tons of colours and gems if the occasion calls for it.

Still, there are a few tips to consider for those new in the game. Go for thin bands for a less chunky look, and go for rings from the same designer or brand for a more cohesive aesthetic. Some swear on sticking to one metal colour — gold, silver or rose gold — but we say go for an assortment.

Need more ideas? Start your own curation with these collectable rings.


This collection draws on Cartier’s penchant for geometry, interpreted as brilliantly-polished spikes and studs. Instead of the usual classic designs that have informed the jewellery house’s oeuvre so far, the Clash de Cartier screams punk and bold attitudes. The debut sees small- and medium-sized rings in pink gold and decked with diamonds. Stack ‘em up for an edgy, yet elegant combination. The collection only has a few designs now, but we’re predicting that there will be more iterations of the Clash de Cartier in the future for better stacking potential.

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The Coco Crush collection is fast becoming an iconic design for Chanel. After all, the quilted motif on these rings here are inspired by Chanel’s famous lambskin bags. Alone, the Coco Crush ring is a simple, understated piece. But pile them up together for dramatic effect. These rings are available in white and yellow gold, in thin to thick bands. The latest update sees a sprinkle of diamonds for a touch of sparkle.

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Francesca Amfitheatrof’s debut collection for Louis Vuitton sees a fine-casual take on the fashion house’s monogram. Naturally, this collection includes stacking rings too. The B Blossom ring is made of a thin, gold band topped with a colourful bauble of malachite, onyx, pink opal or diamond. The ring works beautifully on its own, but stacking them together adds a playful touch — just as the former Tiffany & Co. designer intended.

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Piaget’s Possession rings are playful takes on the classic toi et moi ring. Instead of showing off serious jewels (think diamonds and rubies), the open-ended rings are crowned with colourful cabochons of malachite, turquoise, white chalcedony and diamond pave. These pieces are available in white and rose gold. Pair it up with matching Possession bracelets.

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The new Tiffany T True collection is made with stacking in mind. The T motif here is reimagined as a graphic, faceted form linked together to form a band or bracelet. The slim versions of the ring — in white, yellow or rose gold — go nicely together as alternating bands. It can also be paired nicely with the new Tiffany T engagement ring.

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Jasmine Tay
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