Throughout Tiffany and Co’s 180-year-long history, few designers have attained the same repute as the renowned Jean Schlumberger. Now, some twenty years since his passing, the American jewellery house delves into the esteemed designer’s sketchbooks and brings to life some of his unrealised designs,

These new additions to ‘The Legendary Designs of Jean Schlumberger’ collection debuted in a private event at Paris earlier this month and are now available in Singapore for appointment-only viewings.

(Image credit: Horst P. Horst/Getty)

During his tenure at Tiffany and Co, the French designer pioneered an impressive oeuvre of whimsical motifs. Schlumberger’s ‘X’ motif, symbolising a kiss, remains a romantic icon. Textiles, such as ropes and tassels, are reimagined in precious metals. Rare and impressive jewels passed through his skilful hands, leaving his workbench as world-famous artefacts. Take for instance the 287-carat Tiffany Yellow Diamond, which made its stunning 1956 debut on Schlumberger’s famous ‘Bird on a Rock’ brooch. 

A precious few Schlumberger designs have remained on paper, locked away in Tiffany and Co. archives. But now, these are finally materialised as mesmerising high jewellery pieces. 

A select number of these are now made available in Singapore till the first week of August, joined by vintage revivals and other Schlumberger classics. Last week, Lifestyle Asia was privy to an exclusive viewing of the collection. We offer a quick look at these fascinating creations below.

Viewings are strictly by appointment only. Exclusively available at Tiffany and Co. in ION Orchard.