Since its launch in 2014, the Tiffany T has evolved into a contemporary icon of Tiffany and Co. The collection simply revolves around the letter T, reimagined as subtle structures of clean lines in chains, bracelets, pendants and rings.

The New York-based jeweller takes on a more forthright interpretation to the motif in its latest collection. The Tiffany T True sticks to the alphabet as it is, emboldened by faceted sides and a sleek polish for the gods. Interlocked together, the T True aesthetic exudes refined sophistication and youthful style.

As is the motif, all the pieces in this timeless collection are designed for versatility and complementary styling in mind. Rings, bracelets and necklaces are made for stacking and layering. Yet, individual pieces can be worn as it is. One can go from quiet confidence to strikingly elegant with a few accessories.

Here, fashion influencer and entrepreneur Jessica Tham dresses up in Tiffany T for a stacking guide for all occasions: from casual to effortless chic.

Check out the full Tiffany T and T True collection here.

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Tiffany and Co. T True Collection
Azimin Saini
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