So you’ve made your Valentine’s Day dinner reservation, pre-ordered a lavish flower bouquet, and are now fretting over what to buy for your beloved. Sure, there’s a whole plethora of items spanning bags, beauty products and even sneakers emblazoned with heart motifs, out there. But what do you do, when your significant other isn’t quite keen on any of these?

In such desperate times, there’s only one last ultra-reliable option left: Jewellery. Be it a minimalist bracelet or over-the-top necklace, there’s bound to be something that your partner will appreciate. And getting something covered with diamonds is a surefire winner, too. After all, as famously quoted by the inimitable Marilyn Monroe, diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

From sleek bangles adorned with heart-shaped motifs, to a geometric ring designed by the late Zaha Hadid, here are 7 jewellery pieces to consider getting this Valentine’s Day. And if you’re intending to propose to your loved one during the season of love, we’ve also included a stunning engagement ring from Fred.