There’s something special and sentimental about gifting customised jewellery — even if it’s a lengthy endeavour. When customising, there’s much to consider about design and gems — and it requires a bit of investment in time and money especially if you’re feeling extravagant. The simplest piece can take up to a month or two to complete, and more adventurous pieces will require a much longer time.

We’re a busy bunch, sadly, and being impromptu is something to avoid with this costly undertaking. If you’re not the type to plan ahead, it could be impossible to show off that diamond ring in time for anniversaries or celebrations.

Engravings add personal touches to ready-made pieces.

Thankfully, there are faster ways to getting around this issue. Personalising jewellery is quicker and less risky than creating accessories tailor-made from scratch. Jewellery boutiques offer ready-made pieces that allow for simple engravings and changes to transform them into unique creations in a matter of minutes.

Such jewellery has, unfortunately, gotten a bad rap for being tacky gifts hastily put together. But let’s not jump to that conclusion too fast. Boutiques and crafters are adding classy and novel touches to such jewellery. Scroll down for inspiration and how to get started on personalising jewellery.

Monica Vinader

Pair up engraved pendants with birth stone charms for extra points.
Monica Vinader's Nura Friendship Band allows for longer messages.

The British-based brand is best known for its bracelets — sleek sterling silver or gold-plated bars with a variety of cords to choose from. These accessories also come with adjustable toggles for a snug fit around the wrist. Engravings are complimentary, and customers can engrave a name or symbols on the polished surface of the bar. The latest Nura Friendship Bracelet offers a larger pendant and can accommodate longer inspirational quotes and motifs.
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Pandora’s bracelets are a popular go-to for personalising gifts. The brand offers a range of charms in sterling silver or gold to commemorate special occasions, and can be stacked up or switched about. There are also the usual alphabet and numerical charms to piece together. A more modern and mature aesthetic can be had with the latest Pandora Reflexions bracelets. The mesh-textured chains are flexible and can also be fitted together to create an elegant choker. Best of all: you can pick and choose charms and bracelets online and have it delivered.

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APM Monaco

The French boutique has its own fair share of silver charms and pendants studded with micro-pave zircon stones. But its latest bangles is taking personalising jewellery on another level. The open-faced silver bangles, available in matte black and polished gold textures, can fit a series of bedazzled alphabet and motif charms. Stack them up, or wear them alone: these statement-making bangles are sure to turn heads.
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Studio Emoi

Here’s something a little more subtle for everyday wear. Studio Emoi’s minimalist rings and bracelets are made with precious metal wires: 14-carat gold-filled and silver wire. The Singapore-based studio employs artisans in Thailand to wrap the wires to specific words or initials as well as findings. The wires are also sturdy, which means the pieces won’t lose shape and are also relatively resistant to wear-and-tear.
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Zoe Lev


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The Los Angeles-based studio specialises in made-to-order personalised jewellery pieces and engraving services. Amongst the pieces here are diamond-studded initial earrings, rings as well as engraved bracelet cuffs. Signet rings, which are all the rage now, are also available in 14-carat gold and can be engraved with up to three character in two different fonts.
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