Sustainability and conscious consumerism have evolved. No longer mere buzzwords, these terms have become integral to the choices we make when it comes to our purchases, especially as awareness towards environmental and social justice issues rise.

Fashion is an industry that has proven to be the complete opposite of sustainability, especially when we hone in on the waste and the labour exploitation the sphere is associated with each year. In light of the need to make a difference, the industry has responded by integrating eco-friendly slants to their production chain. Giants like Stella McCartney, Prada, Dior and Veja, to name a few, have garnered attention for their shifts towards embracing sustainable fashion, but beyond the big names, every powerful movement has its roots in the small.

Indie labels have long been propagating the sustainable fashion message, including the likes of our very own homegrown brands, most of which have championed the good fight even before sustainability entered our collective consciousness.

We round up these sustainable fashion brands in Singapore for you to shop at in good conscience.