The horological industry hasn’t seen as much diversity as the last few decades, as companies all over the world finally start boldly experimenting with different materials, hoping to create something that’s extraordinary, practical and ultimately, luxurious. Over the years, precious metals have been used and alloys have been concocted, but ceramic remains one of the most unique materials in the market for having properties that are perfect for watchmaking and wearing.

Engineering ceramics — which are used in watch manufacture — are vastly different from the ceramics we know in daily life, otherwise used in bricks, tiles, and tableware. Unlike earthenware, they’re made of pure ingredients that usually consist of oxides, carbides, and the like. Engineering ceramics are extremely hard. In fact, they’re the hardest class of materials known, usually more than three or four times harder than stainless steel. It’s virtually scratch-proof and its inert qualities mean it’ll never rust or corrode either.

Ceramic watches are also unaffected by ultraviolet rays produced by the sun, so you can count on your favourite timepiece to never fade. Many brands, in particular craft their dive and sport watches in the material for its anti-magnetic properties. The best part is that despite all the benefits, ceramic watches are actually extremely lightweight, making it perfect for watchmaking.

Here are seven of the best ceramic watches you can find today.