Colours can add oomph to a simple timepiece effortlessly and start a conversation without cue (case in point: these emerald-hued watches), but we understand that not everyone can stomach a sprightly-coloured watch with a business suit. As such, we’ve gone right the other way, scouring the darkest corners of the horological world to bring you these all-black watches. 

As enigmatic as they might look, the all-black watch was first seen on the wrist of Ferdinand Alexander Porsche. The founder of Porsche Design created a chronograph watch which featured a stainless steel case that was powder-coated in black. It wasn’t long before the big boys like Tag Heuer and IWC caught up to the trend. 

Technologies have evolved over the years — physical vapour deposition (PVD) is now the de facto method instead of powder-coating — but the modernity of these low-contrast timepieces have transcended trends, lending a tough-guy aesthetic while still keeping the sophistication alive. 

Sleek, contemporary — and honestly, quite badass — these watches are a masterclass on how a good dose of black magic can make all the difference.