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Bremont partners with Concorde and British Airways for its latest Supersonic watch

For a brief moment in time, the world was enamoured by the Concorde’s sheer ambition. It not only flew at speeds once regarded as myth in the business of commercial flying, but also gave the industry a new label of prestige. For 30 years, these aerodynamic beauties graced the skies, shuttling groups of privileged passengers through popular routes like New York to Londonin under half the time, rattling windows and illiciting wide-eyed gasps along the way. 

It wasn’t until strict laws were enacted because of its sonic boom, that Concorde finally clipped its wings and grounded its planes in 2003. Yet it remains a relic of what was once the poster child for innovation and possibilities, and Bremont is hoping to resurrect the same sense of wonder with the Supersonic watch.

The Bremont Supersonic in white gold. (Image credit: Bremont)

Launched in tandem with the aircraft’s 50th anniversary, the Bremont Supersonic is the eighth historical limited edition timepiece in the lineup. Thanks to a partnership with British Airways, the watch incorporates parts of the G-BOAB Concorde (known as Alpha Bravo) that was donated to Bremont specially for this occasion. As the third Concorde to join the celebrated British Airways fleet, this donor aircraft — an icon of the 20th century — has been sitting pretty at the edge of Heathrow’s airfield as the last of its kind there.

Details of the G-BOAB Concorde is fashioned in gold at the back, alongside a ring made from its aluminium. (Image credit: Bremont)

Now, it’ll find a new lease of life within 500 watches. The handsome range sees aluminium from Alpha Bravo being fashioned into a ring that’s visible through the transparent caseback. The ring will bear vital statistics of the vessel in gold, including its registration number, supersonic flight count, years of active service, and top speed — nuggets of information that’ll undoubtedly get fans excited.

The subdued time-only watch will come in either stainless steel, rose gold, or white gold, each hand assembled at Bremont’s workshop at Henley-on-Thames. The 70s-inspired white sunburst dial echoes Concorde’s specially developed highly reflective paint, while the blue hands mirror that of its famous British Airways livery. The nostalgia continues with the movement’s customised baseplate where the aircraft’s silhouette is subtly machined within. As the cherry atop the sundae, the bespoke packaging with its iconic shape is engineered and entirely made in England, a salute to the birthplace of supersonic travel.

The timepiece comes accompanied with a Concorde Blue Connolly leather strap and Bremont’s first ever manual wind movement with an 8-day power reserve that’s indicated at the 12 o’clock position. 300 pieces will be made in steel, while the other 200 will be split equally between white gold and rose gold. If you ever flew Concorde, or better yet, the Alpha Bravo, perhaps this watch will be the best souvenir you’ll ever get.


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