In the world of horology, Rolex is arguably one of the most recognised names — and for good reason. It’s earned itself a reputation for manufacturing watches that stand the test of time and are made to the highest quality possible.

With more than a century-long history, it’s inevitable that some of the Swiss firm’s pieces have either landed in the hands of the rich and the famous — sometimes even members of royal families with a lineage that’s gone into the pages of history.

Indeed, the most discerning of vintage watch collectors are on a radically different level than the average timepiece enthusiast. Their hunt for holy grail Rollies often include those that are rare and often, unobtainable. There are those which have made an impact on all its preceding examples, and those with quirks so unique, they’re ludicrously expensive.

Naturally, the five iconic Rolex watches in this list make the cut. Even the most modest of variations in fonts, material, and colouring can make all the difference as they’re truly one of a kind. From one that once belonged to the last of Vietnamese royalty with a uniquely placed logo to another that inspired the rest of the brand’s chronographs, here are the Rolex watches you wish you had.