For many, a unique scent or landmark can trigger memories of special moment in time. A particular few, however, will choose to seal that memory with the night sky, and for that, De Bethune has just the watch.

Named the DB25 Starry Varius for being so celestial-inspired, the Swiss brand’s latest timepiece poetically marks the passage of time with the night sky. The portrayal of the starry heavens against a richly blue backdrop might not be a fresh concept (Jaeger-LeCoultre and Zenith have excelled in this regard recently) but De Bethune’s offering stands out from the rest for being entirely customisable.

Much like Rolls Royce’s Starlight Headliner, clients can request their dials to reflect the sky in a specific geographical location on any given date. Set against a highly polished dark blue titanium dial, the star pattern is then created by gold pins, each individually placed and then gilded by the gold leaf technique for extra flair.

The 42mm-wide rose gold case is accompanied by matching hand-polished hands that sweep over a silver-toned ring bearing Roman numerals and rose gold hour markers, creating a sense of depth without stealing the spotlight from the literal stars of the show here. Inside, the in-house, manually-wound DB2105 calibre movement provides a hefty six-day power reserve and can be admired via the anti-reflective sapphire caseback.

De Bethune has gone to lengths in its quest for perfection and the pursuit of beauty, so the level of craftsmanship in this watch comes as no surprise. Even if you don’t have a personal preference of the night sky in mind, the Milky Way makes an ethereal companion for the wrist, and is a constant reminder of how observing time in motion without the use of an instrument can be as simple as looking upwards.

Shatricia Nair
Deputy Editor
Shatricia Nair is a motoring, watches, and wellness writer who is perpetually knee-deep in the world of V8s, tourbillons, and the latest fitness trends. She is fuelled by peanut butter and three cups of coffee a day.