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Face Time: The MB&F Destination Moon is ready for take-off

MB&F and L’Epée 1839 are at it again. Yes, the famed watchmaker and clock-maker — both Swiss, of course — have collaborated for yet another table clock that’s equal parts outrageous and fascinating.

Following a skin-crawling arachnid aptly called Arachnophobia, and a much friendlier Happy Robot, the two marques now take our imaginations to the skies with the Destination Moon, a rocket-shaped table clock that looks ready to take flight.

MB&F Destination Moon
A stunning mix of horological magic with design ingenuity. Image: MB&F

While the MB&F Destination Moon looks the tamest and least nightmare-inducing of the clock creations, it’s also the most delightful.

As it’s inspired by early rocket designs of the ‘60s, MB&F sat down with sci-fi rocket fan Nicolas Bringuet and intern-designer Stefano Panterotto for a little chat on some basic concepts that would make this as genuine an experience as possible.

MB&F Destination Moon
The hours and minutes are indicated via rotating stainless steel discs stamped with white numerals and bi-directional pointers. Image: MB&F

At the end of that discussion, a skeletonised rocket was born, with its side panels torn off for an unobstructed view of the architecture within. Designed and manufactured in-house by L’Epée, the vertical escapement is operated by winding the large crown at the clock’s bottom. This winding crown also turns the escape ladder which charges the mainspring.

The clock displays only the hours and minutes via rotating stainless steel discs stamped with white numerals on the top. The time is indicated via a double-ended pointer above the regulator.

MB&F Destination Moon Neil
Neil makes another appearance on the Destination Moon. Image: MB&F

Every space shuttle needs an astronaut. Take a closer look and you’ll spot Neil, the little space adventurer that previously made an appearance on MB&F’s Astrograph pen with Caran d’Ache. Forged in solid silver and stainless steel, little Neil can be magnetically fixed to any point on the boarding ladder below. It’s hard to resist a smile whenever you lay eyes on him.

At 41.4cm high, 23.3cm in diameter and 4kg in weight, this clock will definitely steal the limelight away from everything else on your table, including that gold-plated humidor and diamond-encrusted Montblanc pen.

MB&F Destination Moon
The Destination Moon in four different colours: (clockwise) palladium, blue, black or green. Image: MB&F

Four limited edition colours are available — full palladium, or with blue, black or green PVD coating on the landing pods. Each retails at an astronomical S$27,760, which, on the bright side, is more affordable than a Virgin Galactic ticket. Only 50 pieces are available in each colour.


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