Perhaps the biggest irony in the horological industry is the prevalence of trends. Watches are designed to run in perpetuity, giving meaning to the concept of time, so to emphasise a single fleeting quality seems awfully superficial. Yet like many things, timepieces are not immune to shifting tastes, and there’s always a new shape, colour, or material that reigns supreme. For many years, the colour du jour was blue, but there’s a new contender that’s not too far off the colour spectrum: Green.

Rendered on dials, straps and even the little details, the vivid emerald hue has made its way to a number of new watches this year. It wasn’t always a colour well favoured by the industry, as it’s not the most practical of colours when it comes to putting together an outfit, especially if it’s an investment piece. Yet fortune favours the bold, and when done right, green watches can look exceptionally eye-catching and add an unusual bolt of colour to an otherwise rigid ensemble. 

What was once a rare colour to be found on watches — and even rarer to find in good designs — green watches are finally having their moment as the timepieces you’ll start coveting. As Omega, Glashütte, and a few other top watchmakers below testify, green is the best way to get rid of the blues.