Beautifully warm in tone, luxurious by nature, and always ready for an Instagram-worthy photo, rose gold has been the du jour alternative when it comes to precious metals in high-end accessories. A muted but equally eye-catching cousin to yellow gold and more contemporary sibling of silver, its unique pink-tinted hue has been gaining momentum in jewellery boxes and now, on the wrists of discerning watch collectors too.

Despite its rather effeminate name, rose gold watches are actually appear to give a more masculine look to watches than yellow gold. Its deeper red tones are thanks to the presence of copper alloy to the gold — the more the copper content, the redder the gold. 

So fashionable is this precious metal, that it has prompted some of the most established manufacturers to come up with their own rendition. Omega’s patented 18K Sedna gold is a proprietary blend of gold, copper, and pallidum, which ensures a rose gold lustre that lasts exceptionally long. Meanwhile, Rolex has the Everose, another proprietary blend that fuses platinum with gold and copper, ensuring the same colour longevity while protecting it against the elements, such as sweat, UV rays and saltwater.

Because we don’t give these rose gold watches enough credit, here are the five of our favourite ones this year.