The horological world reserves a special fondness for Patek Philippe that not many other brands can command. Much like Rolls-Royce is to the automobile industry, Patek Philippe has been at the forefront of luxury and innovation when it comes to watches since its establishment in 1851. Dripping with legacy, exquisitely handcrafted and commanding eye-watering price tags that many wouldn’t so much as to blink when paying. That’s how much of an investment the brand’s timepieces are, and we expect the new Patek Philippe New York limited edition watches to have the same effect.

Easily regarded as the standard in haute horlogerie, the esteemed Swiss manufacturer will now open its doors to the masses. The lavish exhibition, The Art of Watches Grand Exhibition New York, will take over Cipriani 42nd Street in Midtown Manhattan in the form of a pop-up museum. There, you’ll find plenty of its most time-honoured pieces, including one of Patek’s first chronographs, the 1948 Chronograph, as well as a quartz desk clock that President John F. Kennedy once kept in the Oval office during his term.

In lieu of this expansive 13,000-square-foot exhibition, special tribute will also be paid to the Big Apple in the form of Patek Philippe New York limited edition watches. The series will see some of its most popular models — both men’s and ladies’ — undergo a facelift that encapsulates the energy and sophistication of the bustling city, as well as a completely new grand complication.

Here, we bring you the 5 Patek Philippe New York limited edition watches you need to start whipping out your cheque books for.