As a design icon, the 911 has been an inspiration for many things, most prominently forming the basis for multiple models in the brand’s range today. 

Naturally, the speedy icon has also been at the foundation for Porsche Design’s watches over the years, only it’s about to take this synergy to the next level with the Custom-Built Timepieces Program, which will finally allow you to fully customise a timepiece that’s perfectly tailored to your dream Porsche.

Porsche Design
(Image credit: Porsche Design)

If you already have own a Porsche to base your bespoke timepiece on, then your job will be infinitely easier because the new line has more than 1.5 million different configurations. Otherwise,  you’ll have to decide using the dedicated configurator, which — thankfully — has been created to provide digital visualisations down to the smallest detail as you design your watch in real time. 

The programme is built upon the Chronotimer Series 1, and the first step requires you to make the hard decision between a black PVD-coated titanium case, or a glass-bead-blasted titanium one.

(Image credit: Porsche Design)

There’s only one “engine” option under the hood here. The calibre WERK 01.100 is a respectable chronometer that’s based on a Valjoux movement and features a flyback function. While a standard rotor can be had, customisations options also extend to the rotor which borrows rim designs from latest-gen 911s, ranging from the classic 911 Carrera to the 911 Carrera Exclusive Design wheel version with a gold badge at its centre. Like the wheels of the car, the edges of the rotor can be specced with different colours.

The dial is where the 911’s athletic good looks really shine through, especially since it’s borrowed from the car’s racy rev counter. Expect 27 exterior and interior colours from the 911 to choose from for the inlaid colour rings, and two colour options for hands. Even the bezel can be had in either traditional minute markers, or a sporty tachymeter scale.

Then we move on to the straps, which go beyond metal bracelets (finished in the same materials as the case) to also leather versions with a kaleidoscope of colours for the band and stitching (to match your car’s upholstery). If desired — and this is a tad excessive — the back of your titanium case can be laser engraved with your name, license plate number or even the vehicle ID of your sports car. 

Unfortunately, there’s only one language choice on the configurator right now and that’s German, so until the service makes its way to the UK, US, and hopefully the rest of the world in September, your biggest hurdle would be to guess your way around the site. Besides deciding on a final design, that is.

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