One of the two most important events in the horological industry, rivalled by only Baselworld, Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie (SIHH) has been ground zero for the launch of many new (and often important) timepieces, independent watchmakers, and innovations. The trade show has had a storied history of over 26 years, and insiders know its legacy has far preceded its title as a regular trade show by now. With a grand total of 35 prestigious brands participating, the mega show will take place from 15 to 19 January next year for SIHH 2018.

Maintaining an image of exclusivity and prestige has always been a key focus for the show, and so you can expect a lot of avant-garde designs, rare artisanal techniques and haute horology-approved finishing in the mix. High complications, skeletonisation and precious materials are also part of the deal at SIHH 2018, so you’re at the right place if you’re looking to stand out.

For a long time, the Richemont Group had — alongside several independent brands — represented the handful of exhibitors that made up SIHH. It wasn’t till two years ago that a “Carré des Horlogers” section was added to give niche artisan creators and independent workshops a platform to showcase their work. There were only nine of them in 2016, and that number has almost doubled to 17 this year, cementing SIHH as the venue to be at for potential shakers in the industry.

This year, expect plenty of anniversary specials and potential grail pieces. If you’re as pumped for SIHH 2018 as we are, here are some pre-launches that you might want to get ahead of first.