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Rimowa’s new watch case will keep your precious timepieces safe — in style

With 122 years behind them, Rimowa has had a decorated history of perfecting every detail on their suitcases.

This ranges from signature grooved aluminium exteriors — an homage to the world’s first all-metal aircraft — to the 360-degree spinner wheels that have made many a marathon to your gate an impeccably smooth affair. Now that travel has come to a standstill, the German brand wants to keep a vastly different type of valuables safe: Your most prized wristwatches.

Sure, the Rimowa Watch Case was made as a travel accessory, but the brand’s distinctive retro-futuristic aesthetic makes this one just as worthy of a spot on your mantle, dresser, or bedside table as it is within its famous Classic Cabin.

Glide the sleek aluminium cylindrical case open and three removable padded cushions — as well as an additional top cushion layer — sit ready to accommodate three timepieces. Like the luggage, the watch case sees a grooved aluminium exterior shell and microfibre interior to ensure the precious cargo stays safe, whether during transport or on display at home.

The Rimowa Watch Case will be available for pre-order starting 10 November 2020 at S$2,850, and will reach selected stores worldwide in December — just in time for Christmas. If you’re already taking notes, this might just be the best gifting option for a watch enthusiast — after an actual watch, of course.

Shatricia Nair
Managing Editor
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