For purists who can’t bear to leave their mechanical babies at home, but secretly yearn for all the workings of a smartwatch, the new Montblanc Twin Smart Strap is your answer to taking the first step into the 21st century.

The smart strap allows you to attach the device to your favourite mechanical watches.

It’s not the first smart device from the German brand (it has a smartwatch, the Montblanc Summit), but the idea is extremely novel, and it’s a sign of the times. Many customers who patronise esteemed watch brands still very much cherish the workings of an analogue watch, yet rely on their smartphones to keep track of the financial, health and work aspects of their lives. As a nifty little smart module that comes with a comfortable watch strap, the Montblanc Twin Smart Strap celebrates both the old and new.

Available in 20mm and 22mm, the straps are connectable to most male watch horns, and come in a variety of materials to match your style, ranging from vintage brown calf leather to sporty grey striped nylon options.

Being able to pay wirelessly with your analogue watch would be quite a nifty party trick.

The smart module itself sits snugly within the mechanical clasp of the strap. Made from high quality stainless steel, it’s water-resistant for the most part, and will provide a plethora of smart services from within its curved monochrome AMOLED display.

These include the obligatory fitness tracking and notification functions, but its coolest party trick is the new wireless payment platform Montblanc Pay. Montblanc worked in full partnership with Visa and Mastercard for this feature, giving mechanical timepieces the ability to act as digital wallets for the first time. The function deactivates in case of loss or theft, and advanced encryption will keep your data safe from hacking.

The Montblanc Twin Smart Strap is only available for iOS devices now.

“Memories” is another feature that Montblanc has included to “create a deep emotional bond between users and the device”. It works by syncing your iPhone’s calendar and synchronising any picture or video taken from the phone with the correlating events, allowing you to easily access visual memories — both the good and the bad — via the Montblanc Twin App.

Fortunately, Android users will not be haunted by their bad decisions (yet) — the device is only compatible with iOS for now.

(All images: Montblanc)

Shatricia Nair
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