In a world where being right-handed is considered the norm, the inconvenience of being a left-hander can often reveal itself in the most mundane of situations. Take writing with an ink pen and then finding half your palm stained, for instance, or constantly bonking elbows with your fellow colleagues at lunch. Then, there’s the age-old woe of finding a decent watch that will sit pretty on your right hand.

Yet, being left-handed is more common than you think; estimates show that lefties make about 10 per cent of the world’s population. According to IWC, that number balloons to 40 per cent for pilots, proving that there is indeed a real need for a special watch to suit the needs of these aviators — and every other left-hander out there.

Thankfully, more and more watch manufacturers are becoming more inclusive in their offerings. If you’re a southpaw, here are the most impressive left-handed watches to choose from.