Luxury watches have always been associated with being blatant shows of wealth, so it was only natural that they were crafted from a material equally gilded. For a long time, that material mainly comprised of gold in all its coloured variations, and then came titanium and platinum. It seems, however, that the humble steel is now having its renaissance as the trendiest metal for watches.

Besides being highly durable and ready for any rough-and-tumble you have up your sleeves, the best steel watches are timeless in style and bring a quiet sophistication to any outfit. The hardy metal is also lightweight and more wallet-friendly, making it the perfect start for those looking to build a reliable collection. If you’re still in doubt, Rolex’s GMT-Master II ‘Pepsi’ has achieved holy grail status despite being rendered in steel, and has an interest list that spans years — if you’re lucky.

Here are the best steel watches released this year to get your hands on now.