Moon phases, minute repeaters, and retrogrades are complications that are as compelling as they are complex, but for the avid traveller who spends half his time negotiating through the haze of jet lag, all bells and whistles have to make way for more practical ones.

Time travel indications have been known for being one of the most practical in luxury timepieces, but for those who truly want something fuss-free, dual time watches are usually the most sought-after.

Defined as watches that legibly display two time zones simultaneously, dual time watches allow the wearer to set a “home” time zone for quick reference, a convenience now eclipsed by technology thanks to smartwatches and phones. However, we believe there’s always a certain romance in keeping your home time physically close to heart as you’re traversing paths unknown in a different country.

The first timepieces with dual time zones had two separate movements and two dials, which were later upgraded to only one movement via a “clutch” mechanism for the second hour hand. While most watches use hands — distinguishable by varying shapes and colours — some manufacturers break the mould by using apertures instead.

Regardless of whether you’re having a serious bout of wanderlust or taking off for (yet another) a business trip, here are five dual time watches to make being on the other side of the world a little more enjoyable.