After years of living with what is essentially smaller, more sparkly versions of men’s watches, women’s watches are finally enjoying a well-deserved renaissance. Even the movements — often reduced to quartz — are now in-house mechanical movements that are just as respectable. Which comes as no surprise then, that the new women’s watches this year are highly covetable pieces of art that perform just as well as they look. 

This year, manufacturers have reiterated the fact with reboots of time-loved models. Some are decidedly big changes — Patek Philippe’s Twenty-4 loses the curves for a more angular facade —while some — like Omega’s new Constellation — are merely made more contemporary to score new fans. Meanwhile, Chanel keeps the sophistication alive by rendering its new Code Coco watch a sleek shade of black. 

Here are some of the new women’s watches we have our eye on now.