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Airbus and Pagani launch a convertible private jet with sky ceiling

Pagani is reaching for the skies, and we don’t mean its Huayras are getting wings. The Italian exotic supercar manufacturer is teaming up with Airbus to create the most extravagant private jet to date.

Called the Airbus ACJ319neo Infinito jet (“ACJ” and “neo” an abbreviation for Airbus Corporate Jet and new engine option respectively), the plane will offer the most advanced interior tech than any other plane currently flying in the sky.

convertible private jet-airbus-pagani-infinito-cabin-interior
Pagani is working with airplane giant Airbus to create a revolutionary private jet experience.

Its trump card, in particular, is the ‘convertible top’. But don’t expect an open-air flying experience any time soon; it’s actually a ceiling comprised of high-definition video screens that project what’s above the plane through cameras fitted on the roof.

If you have an irreverent fear of flying, or heights are not your thing, don’t panic. The screens can be set to display just about anything else you’d prefer to look at.

convertible private jet
Comprised of video screens, the ceiling shows the sky throughout your journey.

Of course, this convertible private jet will come equipped with a bedroom and a bathroom with a shower. Pagani fans will love the carbon fibre accents and sumptuous leather used throughout the cabins, an aesthetic that’s unsurprisingly reminiscent of the interiors of its supercars.

convertible private jet-airbus-pagani-infinito-
A spacious dining room with huge chairs are one of the many luxuries the private jet offers.

There’s also a spacious dining room which will cater to any occasion, from business conferences to family-oriented meals.

convertible private jet-airbus-pagani-infinito-
The clear dividers can be made opaque for privacy and comfort throughout the flight.

When you want to cordon off areas of the plane, forget the shabby curtains and white plastic walls used by commercial airliners. Its see-through walls can be turned opaque at the push of a button. However, more in line with your conventional modern jet is mood lighting that creates an ambient experience on board while helping you adapt to different time zones effortlessly.

(All images: Airbus)

Airbus and Pagani launch a convertible private jet with sky ceiling

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