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All the new supercars we want for Christmas this year

There’s no such thing as a bad time for receiving a brand new car, but we dare say that Christmas is right on top of the list for ‘best times to unwrap a V8-engined supercar’.

All strategically released around the festive season, these supercars span from brand new generations to special releases that smash previous records. Here, Koenigsegg makes a case with its special edition Regera, which harnesses a brand new material that not only transforms it into a different beast, but also makes the car lighter. 

Meanwhile Porsche fans the flames for its iconic 911 with an eighth generation iteration, McLaren takes the top off its ludicrous 720S coupe, and the German folks at Mercedes-AMG attempt to re-acquaint you with a upgraded version of their track monster.

These supercars might not fit under the Christmas tree, but all the best presents never do.

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McLaren 720S Spider

There isn’t a better way of saying you don’t care about logic than by ordering a convertible dead set in the middle of winter. McLaren’s answer to Ferrari’s 488 Spider is a 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 that’s matched to a seven-speed gearbox and aggressive rear-wheel drive, giving you an over-achieving open-top that’s capable of 0-100kph in 2.9 seconds. 

While the Spider has all the same aerodynamic trickery as its coupe counterpart, it’s also 49kg heavier thanks to the additional roof and associated tonneau, which gives it a slight handicap — a tenth slower — on the 0-200kph run. A modified version of the lightweight Monocage II carbon fibre core sits beneath, which contributes to the Spider’s equally competitive top speed of 340kph.

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Porsche 911 992

Now in its eighth generation, the 911 is predictably faster, more powerful, and more tech savvy than its predecessors, but still remains inherently recognisable as the marque’s most iconic ride. Fascia-wise, it’s wider and more assertive, with larger wheel arches and bigger dimensions on the front end and rear while retaining familiar features such as the forward-extended bonnet and rounded headlights. 

Inside is an evolved version of Porsche’s new flat-six turbocharged engines, which, when paired with an equally fresh eight-speed dual-clutch transmission gives top speeds of 308kph for the Carrera S model, and 306kph for the Carrera 4S all-wheel drive version. Tech highlights include the Porsche Wet Mode, which makes it pretty much uncrashable with ultra-protective traction and stability control — perfect for zipping around Singapore then.

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Mercedes-AMG GT R Pro

Was the regular Mercedes-AMG GT too docile for you? Fret not, the Germans have got your back.  Besides a refreshed design, the AMG GT gets even more souped up for its latest variant, the GT R Pro. 

As the topper to the new Mercedes-AMG GT series, the GT R Pro uses the same 577hp twin-turbo V8 as its GT R sibling, but gains an edge with significant tweaks throughout. This includes carbon-ceramic brakes as standard, lightweight forged wheels, and redesigned aero — mostly in carbon fibre. 

Those who live for the smell of rubber burning on the tracks will enjoy easter eggs such as the AMG-exclusive ‘Supersport’ setting, which brings performance details such as g-force figures to the forefront, as well as the AMG Track Pace — an optional telematics system that records over 80 pieces of data ten times per second for in-depth track analytics.

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Koenigsegg Naked Carbon Regera

It’s no secret that all 80 of Koenigsegg’s bonkers — and already sold-out — Regera hypercars are made of carbon, but there’s only one that bares as much skin as this one. Called the Koenigsegg Naked Carbon, it’s the first and only one that uses this incredibly expensive and time-consuming carbon. 

Besides looking amazing from every possible inch, this special carbon also doubles up by saving weight. It’s produced the usual way, except every single panel is then sanded down to expose the weave for its unique looks. The precise process can only be attempted by only the most experienced — sanding past the weave means starting all over on a fresh sheet again.

Because there’s no lacquer over this beauty, this Regera saves 20kg of weight, which would technically make it slightly quicker with its 5.0-litre twin-turbo V8. Mated to a F1-spec battery pack, the hybrid should hit its 100kph mark in less than 2.8 seconds, and then on towards 400kph in less than 20 seconds. 

Other feats Koenigsegg is eager to point out is that its raw carbon fibre finish is not only less likely to scratch than regular epoxy, but can also withstand extreme conditions such as the Sahara or Antartica — and yes, it’s been tested.


All the new supercars we want for Christmas this year

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