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These convertibles will take you through the summer season in absolute class

There’s only a season in the year where convertibles truly sell like hotcakes, and that season happens to be upon us now. If you haven’t already felt it, the world has been hit by an immense heat wave, prompting people to put cookie dough on their dashboards again in an attempt to prove that their car is now essentially a moving oven. But before you resign yourself to yet another trip of extreme irritability and sweaty thighs, there’s an obvious solution for dealing with the summer heat.

There’s no better way to getting to your destination than with the wind in your hair along the way, plus there really isn’t a more stylish way to do the environment a favour by not cranking the air conditioning up. Before you head to a dealer, there are a few factors to take into account, the biggest being choosing a soft top versus a hard top. The former is lighter and takes up less cargo space, making it a practical option if you’re a road trip type of person. Hard tops help reduce noise levels in the cabin when it’s up, a feature you’ll appreciate when you also have two yelling toddlers at the back. 

From the ultra-exclusive to the ultra-quick, here are our pick of convertibles that’ll take you through the summer season in absolute class, wind-swept hair included. 

McLaren 570S Spider Design Edition

It’s only natural that everyone wants to have a go at their new million-dollar ride, but sometimes it’s better to leave it to the professionals. McLaren’s clearly sick of gaudy paint jobs and their grossly mismatched interiors, so they’re looking to change the roads — one Design Edition at a time.

Available only on the 570S Spider, customers are given the option of five unique presets, each carefully curated by the in-house design team for maximum road presence. Choose between Silica White, Storm Grey, Vermillion Red, Vega Blue and Onyx Black — the latter will see details like orange brake calipers, Carbon Black Alcantara and 10 spoke wheels in a stealthy finishing.

Mercedes-AMG C63 Cabriolet

2019 is shaping up to be quite the year for Mercedes’ C-Class stable, but it seems that the marque has saved the best for last. Its most powerful model, the Mercedes-AMG C63, will also be refreshed with revised styling (spot that swanky new Panamericana grille), new tech (an AMG Drive Unit that’ll equip your steering wheel with a driving mode dial), and a new nine-shift transmission that promises shorter shift times.

The cabriolet carries the same stellar 4.0-litre V8 that’s ready for 469hp, 649Nm, and a 0-100kph time in 3.8 seconds. The electronically controlled limited-slip differential is now standard on all models, ensuring each wheel receives just the right amount of torque for the best cornering performance possible.

BMW i8 Roadster

The i8 has come a long way as BMW’s sci-fi hybrid poster child, a fact that’s most evident in its latest mid-life cycle. Its iconic handsome shark-like snout and swooping tear bodywork has already been heralded a modern design classic, but the addition of two flowing nacelles behind the cockpit has enhanced the illusion of movement even when stationary.

Handling is sharpened via tweaked suspension and weightier steering, while the battery has also been upgraded to now provide 141hp and a combined power of 369hp, propelling the car to 100kph in 4.6 seconds. Two new exterior colours define the latest model: E-Copper and Donington Grey, alongside a new Copper interior colour scheme that complements the equally futuristic iDrive 6.0 software in the infotainment system.

Aston Martin DB11 Volante

convertibles 2018

It didn’t take long for Aston Martin to release an open-top version of its beautiful and highly sought-after DB11. Currently only running on the 503hp V8 — which derives its origins from the Germans at AMG — the 4-litre twin-turbocharged powertrain pushes the grand touring convertible to 100kph in a smidgen over 4 seconds through its silky smooth 8-speed ZF automatic transmission and rear-wheel drive. With the top down, that sweet-sounding exhaust engulfs the cabin — you know, the typical Aston Martin soundtrack. Inside, the car is pretty much unchanged from the coupe, save for the 20 percent increase in boot space from its predecessor, the DB9 Volante.

Audi TT Roadster

The updated Audi TT roadster sees a much-needed dose of freshness injected back into the model now that it’s at its midlife cycle. A slightly more muscular facade defines the new model, with beefier features such as six-sided middle intakes, side intakes, and the new single frame grille.

Expect  the new seven-speed dial-clutch automatic transmission (which replaces the current six-speed unit) too. Inside, Audi has outfitted the ride with the usual high-quality leather and finishes, as well as oodles of tech for a more efficient ride. If you’re a hardcore fan of the TT, we suggest making a beeline for the TT 20 Years Edition, a 999-limited edition run that includes special paint schemes and commemorative easter eggs in the interiors.

These convertibles will take you through the summer season in absolute class

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