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Everything you need to know about Lamborghini’s latest hybrid, the Sián Roadster

In keeping with the long and predictable tradition of having a limited edition roadster follow a limited edition coupé, Lamborghini has unveiled the Sián Roadster.

You’d be hard pressed to forget its coupé counterpart that was launched last year. The 819hp hybrid hypercar was a spectacular sight to behold even though it was only the marque’s first attempt at a hybrid. Instead of building a convertible — which is leaps and bounds more practical — the company opted for no roof at all. Doesn’t matter anyway considering it costs more than S$5 million and it’s already all sold out.

Ludicrousness aside, the Sián Roadster really is a new benchmark for hybridisation in the industry, and shows just how far we’ve come in seeking cleaner alternatives without compromising on the driving experience.

Here’s what you need to know about this engineering masterpiece.

There’s only 19 examples for a reason

(Image credit: Lamborghini)

Quite an odd number for such a big launch but those who’ve managed to put two and two together — 19 Sián roadsters and 63 Sián coupes —  will realise that 1963 is the year Ferruccio Lamborghini founded Automobili Ferruccio Lamborghini S.p.A.

The car’s designation, Sian FKP 37, is another wink to the company’s lauded history. The “FKP” initialism honors the late Volkswagen Group chairman Ferdinand Piech who died late last year, and the number “37” represents the year Piech was born, in 1937. 

It’ll spearhead new hybrid tech

(Image credit: Lamborghini)

In true Lamborghini style, the Sián Roadster is a true blue speed machine, only this time it’s coupled with some pretty impressive tech too. 

Like the coupe, the roadster makes 819hp — the highest in a production model from the firm — thanks in part to the 785hp V-12 from the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ.  The remarkable powertrain is then paired with a 34hp, 48-volt motor at the gearbox to give a top speed of 350kph, and a 0-100kph time in 2.9 seconds.

This hybrid system provides the highest power possible via the lightest solution. Its supercapacitator, however, is the really the star of the show here for being able to store 10 times the power of the usual lithium-ion battery. It’s also three lighter than a battery capable of the same power, and the electric system (with the supercapacitator and e-motor) weighs only 34kg. The energy stored from the advanced regenerative braking system is stored as an instantly-available power boost, allowing the driver to access immediate increased torque when accelerating off a line. The e-motor automatically disconnects at 130kph to allow the 12-cylinder beast to freely roar alone.

It’s designed for the future

(Image credit: Lamborghini)

The Sián coupé was already a head turner so imagining the looks you’ll get now that the roof’s been chopped off. Its long, sculpted contours, characteristic aero wings and sharp, angular lines give it looks that are undeniably ahead of its time, but Lamborghini still couldn’t resist digging into its archives.

Using the Countach LP400 as reference, the Roadster also receives a “periscopio” line that extends from the cockpit to the rear and culminating in the aerodynamic air streamers behind the two seats. At the back, Lamborghini integrated the firm’s hexagon design (most notably via hexagonal taillights inspired by the Countach), while the rear wing is kept integrated within the profile and only extends out whenever a performance boost is needed.

Not your regular paintjob

(Image credit: Lamborghini)

The roadster made its debut in a striking shade of blue, but you’ll be hard pressed to find this colour on a regular Lamborghini swatch. The Blu Uranus hue — no laughing at the back — was specially selected by Lamborghini’s Centro Stile and the Ad Personam team to encapsulate the blue of the sky ad the green of the fields, evoking the freedom and ability to experience both during drives. 

Its Oro Electrum wheels also come in a unique copper tone to highlight the car’s commitment to electrification. Inside, the car is complemented by white with Blu Glauco detailing and aluminium elements in the same colour as the wheels. The new air vents within are also 3D-printed to allow for customisation details, such as its owner’s initials.

Everything you need to know about Lamborghini’s latest hybrid, the Sián Roadster

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