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Overdrive: S$17.7 million Rolls-Royce Sweptail is world’s most expensive car

When you own a Rolls-Royce, the consensus is that you’ve pretty much made it in life. But when you own a S$17.7 million version, your life has definitely been made. Now crowned the world’s most expensive production car, this Rolls-Royce Sweptail is a one-off design commissioned to pay homage to the world of racing yachts.

Now the world’s most expensive production car, this bespoke Sweptail is inarguably Rolls-Royce’s finest creation.

Making its debut at the 2017 Concorso d’Eleganza in Lake Como, Italy, the custom two-seater coupe looks nothing like what the storied car brand has created recently. This is because prestigious coach-built Rolls-Royces of the 1920s and 1930s form the design basis of this car, with special focus paid to its iconic ‘Swept Tail’ look.

Expect copious amounts of sunlight thanks to the massive glass roof.

Other prominent styling features include the Pantheon grille, which also happens to be the largest fitted to any modern-day Rolls-Royce. Then there’s the massive panoramic glass sunroof which renders the car into a svelte tapering glasshouse. If you want sunlight, this car will provide plenty.

The Rolls Royce connoisseur also specified for the side profile to resemble the now defunct Phantom Coupe, though instead of ending at the C-pillar, the roofline now streamlines back into the rear and past the boot lid edge.

The unique “Swept Tail” look harkens back to the Rolls-Royce of the ’20s.

Beyond the ridiculous ostentatiousness of the exterior is even more jaw-dropping grandeur as you head into the vehicle. Perhaps a more accurate term would be “land yacht”, because it looks and feels as if you were in a luxurious but very sporty boat. Within the massive space, you’ll find sweeping lines, titanium highlights and plenty of ebony wood and leather.

Inside, the Sweptail resembles a luxurious yacht with its leather and wood-lined interior.

Of course, the lucky owner also ticked the boxes for some crazy over-the-top options. There’s a teardrop-shaped rear parcel shelf, electronically-operated luggage panniers for a customised carbon-fibre luggage set and a leather-padded center console which houses a champagne cooler and two champagne flutes that rise out on demand. Understandably, he also requested for a hat shelf.

The Rolls-Royce Sweptail looks like it has space for an entire family plus the pooch, but it really only seats two, a feature which the firm says “exudes the romance of travel for its own sake” — though that shouldn’t be too hard to manage in a S$17.7 million car.

(All images: Rolls-Royce)

Overdrive: S$17.7 million Rolls-Royce Sweptail is world’s most expensive car

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