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5 best podcasts every entrepreneur needs to listen to

It is said that the path to entrepreneurship is paved with potholes.

With more entrepreneurial education and resources at our disposal now than ever before, this new decade is the perfect opportunity to start building your own business. Here, we’ve gathered some of the most useful and inspiring podcasts for any entrepreneur in 2020. You can hear interesting and celebrated guest speakers like Facebook’s Dustin Moscowitz and PayPal’s Peter Thiel, or listen in on real life entrepreneurs’ pitches to investors. Whether your business is still just an idea in your head, or it’s already up and running, you’re sure to learn something and get some fresh ideas. Here’s to all your new ventures this new year!

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1. The Pitch

In these podcasts, you can actually listen in on recordings of real life entrepreneurs pitching their ideas to investors. It’s the most realistic and detailed insight into what makes investors tick, what questions they’d ask you, and what a successful pitch sounds like. The best part is that the pitch recordings all have commentaries and analyses along the way so you understand when something was done right or wrong. Understanding human interactions is the first step towards creating a good business, and The Pitch really helps you to master this.

2. StartUp

Simple, straightforward, and clearly explained — the StartUp podcast is a series of How Tos from the first steps like how to name your business or how to write a business plan. There are also more complex insights for later stages, like how to divide your business with partners. This is definitely one of the most useful entrepreneurs’ podcasts in 2020.

3. Mixergy

Here’s a gathering of some of the top startup founders who share insights, new perspectives, and secret tips. With stories from the founders of Pixar to LinkedIn, you soon discover that there’s not just one path to success but rather a mix of ways to do things. There’s a lot of myth-busting and hard truths being exposed here.

4. How to Start a StartUp

This is a series of university lectures (but way more interesting, we promise) from Y Combinator and Stanford University, California. Their guest speakers include some of the biggest and most successful entrepreneurs like Dustin Moscowitz, Adora Cheung, and Peter Thiel. Informative and thoughtful yet easy to understand, these lectures are great for finding out how to build a team or deal with competitors. They’re great podcasts for gaining initial ideas and confidence. 

5. HBR Idea Cast

These podcasts from Harvard Business Review gather leading thinkers in business and management to discuss more niche and specific issues in starting a company. They get people like Jeff Bezos and Howard Schultz to discuss topics such as how to control your emotions during a negotiation or how to use a rival to improve your performance. 

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5 best podcasts every entrepreneur needs to listen to

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