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Digital edge: 10 high-tech ski accessories for your winter holiday

With the winter season coming up, it’s time to gear up, and we don’t just mean with your usual helmets and goggles.

Thanks to the ever growing list of demands from skiers, recent years have seen a massive influx of ski gear kitted with technology that fits all their needs — and it’s not just your everyday smartwatch that’s going to do the trick. There are now more ways than one to track your performance as you’re racing down the slopes at your favourite ski resort.

And it’s the little details that go into these ski accessories that make them all the more worthwhile. Anti-fog goggles? Vests fitted with airbags? A portable charger that doubles up as a handwarmer? Check, check, and check.

For competitive racers, speed is a crucial factor for their downhill runs, and comfort and ergonomics are imperative when choosing the right equipment. Meanwhile, videographers would want the best equipment that can capture their subject in a variety of angles and frame rates, without compromising on video quality.

Here, we have selected 10 of the best high-tech ski accessories for you to bring on your next skiing vacation. Will you need all of them? Maybe not, but there’s bound to be something that you can use for your upcoming ski trip. You can thank us later.

1 /10

GoPro Hero 6 Black

Did you really do that 360-degree aerial trick, if a GoPro didn’t record it? GoPros are practically synonymous with the video recording of any sports activity, and the Hero 6 Black is the best it has to offer. You can capture all your ski tricks in satisfying high-resolution footage, and in slo-mo too, if you want that dramatic flair. It bests its predecessors in image stabilisation and low-light performance, freeing you from doing a lot of post-editing.

2 /10

Abom Goggles

It’s not a good thing when your glasses start to fog up while skiing down the slopes, as visibility is of utmost importance. The Abom Goggles use a built-in heating technology that works better than most fog-resistant goggles. Just turn it on before you push off, and your glasses will stay fog free for six hours on continuous use and up to seven days if you use burst mode.

3 /10

POC Spine VPD 2.0 Airbag Vest

Safety is one of the biggest factors that any skier must take into consideration. The POC Airbag Vest is designed to give you an extra layer of protection, with integrated sensors that can differentiate between a crash or a fall. In the event of an accident, the airbags will deploy in 0.1 milliseconds and protect your neck, chest, spine, abdomen and hips.

4 /10

PIQ Advanced Sensor System

The PIQ sensor system is like a smartwatch – for your boot. Just strap it on, and it’ll analyse your runs down the ski slopes and provide you with data that includes your angles, turn rates, transition, force, and speed, right down to the millisecond. At the end of your session, you can also share your stats on social media with your friends and fellow skiers and see if you’ve made the leaderboards at your favourite resort, too.

5 /10

DJI Spark

It’s lightweight, portable, and can track you as you’re racing down the pistes. The DJI Spark is a drone that will capture footage of your snow adventures from an angle no mounted camera can offer. With a propulsion of 50kmph and up to 16 minutes of flight time, you don’t need to wait for it to catch up, or worry about having to change batteries while you’re swerving the curves.

6 /10

Seirus HeatTouch Torche Gloves

No one likes staying cold, and the Seirus Torche Gloves will ensure your hands will be kept warm as you swing your ski poles and gain momentum. The Active Heat Technology and Dual-Stage Heatwave System in the gloves result in three modes of heating – low, medium, and high. And your fingers aren’t forgotten too, thanks to the Flexible Fusion heat panel.

7 /10

TomTom Adventurer GPS Multisport Watch

As you’re skiing and making sharp turns along the pistes, you probably wouldn’t want to be wearing that Hermes-strapped Apple Watch on your wrist. Switch it out for the TomTom Adventurer Multisport Watch that’s packed with sensors to serve you real time stats. The 11 hours of battery life will keep feeding you data for your distance, max speed, and gradients for your ski runs of an entire day.

8 /10

Uvex Hlmt 500 visor

A helmet is essential in any sport, and the Uvex Hlmt 500 visor has been crafted specially for skiers. The Tron-like visor is the showstopper here, giving you an extra-wide field of vision, and it’s super easy to open or close. An advanced fitting system will ensure that every head shape fits comfortably inside the impact-resistant and shock absorbing helmet.

9 /10

Hitcase Chestr Mount

If you left your action camera at home, the Chestr mount from Hitcase lets you use your iPhone as a substitute. There is a multitude of angles that you can configure the Chestr to capture: You can rotate it 360 degrees and pivot it 180 degrees. The only caveat is that it’s only compatible with Hitcase phone cases, but what’s not to love about additional protection for your phone?

10 /10

Celestron Elements Thermocharge

We’ve all faced at one point the dread that comes when our phone’s battery goes into the red. The Elements Thermocharge by Celestron packs six hours of charging power into a handy device that also warms up your hands.

Digital edge: 10 high-tech ski accessories for your winter holiday

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