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LimeWire is making a comeback as an NFT marketplace

LimeWire, the popular file sharing platform that went defunct in 2010, is back in the market and it is capturing all the attention. It is making a comeback as a “mainstream-ready, digital collectibles marketplace for art and entertainment, initially focusing on music.”

LimeWire is now headed by brothers Paul and Julian Zehetmayr who aim to go beyond the hurdles that clutter the current digital collectible space and make the minting process efficient and easy.

LimeWire’s comeback: the details

The LimeWire NFT marketplace

A social media video, posted on 9 March 2022, announced that LimeWire is making a reentry as an NFT platform, expected to launch in May. A token reward system is also due later this year.

The marketplace will be completely curated and is entering into partnerships with major artists from the music industry. It has also partnered with Algorand for cost and energy-efficient minting of NFTs.

Removing all the complexities posed by the prevalent NFT arena, the new marketplace is offering easy sign up and direct credit card transactions using Wyre’s payment platform with USD pricing. Hence, it eliminates the need for any crypto wallets.

Waitlist and referral

Currently the LimeWire website is open for public waitlist where anyone interested can sign up and get exclusive access to token sales and even stand a chance to receive one of the 10,000 NFTs which will be airdropped at the time of its launch. In addition to this, those joining now, will also get regular updates about the public LMWR token sale that is scheduled to take place in Q4 of 2022.

LimeWire has more incentives up its sleeves. Once you join the waitlist, you will receive a referral code which can be used to invite others onto the platform. Since there is no cap on how many times the code can be used, if you rank among the 10,000 best ranked inviters, you’ll be part of the exclusive airdrop.

What is LimeWire?

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Back in the day, LimeWire allowed netizens to download free music and movies. It lost a four-year long battle against the American music industry in 2010 and since then LimeWire remained as a name from the past that evokes nostalgia.

However, the scene is completely changed now. It is officially back as an NFT marketplace and is here to give digital artists, collectors and creators a platform to trade their artworks and mint digital tokens. The website reads, “LimeWire is relaunching as a digital collectibles marketplace for art and entertainment, initially focused on music. Using LimeWire, you’ll be able to create, buy and trade NFT collectibles with ease.”

About the founders

The Zehetmayr brothers are also currently at the helm of electronic signature company Eversign, and B2B software companies Currencylayer and Stack Holdings. They bought the rights of the company, and given LimeWire’s past with the music industry, the duo ceased the opportunity to relaunch it in the digital sphere as a marketplace and support artists and their content.

According to a Hypebeast report, Julian said, “It’s important to note that we are not relaunching LimeWire as an alternative to streaming platforms, but rather as an additional channel for artists to sell exclusive music and art directly to collectors.”

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LimeWire is making a comeback as an NFT marketplace

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