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8 best 2D cafes around world all comic-book fans should visit

Have you ever wondered what it will be like to step into a real-life comic book? No, not a movie set. At these 2D cafes around the world, everything appears like the graphics of a comic book, due to their unique designs. Today, we are taking you through all the 2D cafes in the world.

Every Instagrammer’s dream, these 2D cafes around the world will make you forget that a third dimension even exists. In fact, after a while, you might get confused with what’s real and what’s merely drawn on the wall. Dine your way through optical illusions at these cafes where reality might just be another drawing. We know, you’re asking the obvious – does India have any of these cafes? Let’s find out. Here are all the cafes across the world with 2D decor.

8 Best 2D cafes around the globe

2D Cafe, Tokyo

2D cafes

Located in the Shin Okubo district of Tokyo, Japan, everything in this cafe, right from the tables and chairs to the curtains and wallpapers, is done in black and white that makes it look like we live in a 2D world. Every door, window and furniture here looks like it was drawn with a black pen on a white canvas. This 2D cafe serves sweet treats from around the world and bubble teas in a variety of flavours.

YND 223-14, Korea

2D cafes

Another 2D cafe done in black and white that will remind you of a world in black and white, but with a twist. Cafes YND 239-20 and YND 223-14 in South Korea are just situated at a distance of a three-minute walk from each other and are owned by the same company Greem. Named after the Korean address Yeon-Nam-Dong 223-14, these cafes feature an eccentric unique design, a concept created by founder and owner Eun-Jin Lee. With white interiors that create a stark contrast with real and faux elements outlined in black, this 2D cafe surely packs in a lot of interesting concepts.

Forever Rose, Dubai

best 2d cafes around the world forever rose dubai
(Image credit: @rickyrara/Instagram)

Make way for some great Instagram photos and snaps at this renowned brand that launched its first cafe in November 2020 at Box Park, Dubai. What began its journey in London in 1999 supplying artisan flowers, the brand later evolved into a boutique retail destination for luxury gifting. With the 2D cafe in Dubai, they recreated a floral boutique in an enchanting cafe setting in monochrome with white floors and tables. The space, including the cups and plates, are all illustrated in black and white, making you feel like you are dining sitting inside a comic book.

The Sketch Café, Israel

2D cafe israel
(Image credit: @efratgurman/Instagram)

Customers here might have to jostle to find the perfect spot for their photos. A doodler’s paradise, this 2D cafe in Haifa looks like a cartoon strip standing out on the pure white background. While the background is all black and white, the food here provides a complete contrast with a pop of colour. This is Israel’s first and only two-dimensional café, that took its three owners Shuki Moas, Adam Bason and Micha Brikman, two architects and three artists 18 months to complete. Note: The cafe is situated at the entrance to the Sammy Ofer Stadium, where Maccabi Haifa FC play. So match days can be hectic.

2D Cafe, St. Petersburg

2D cafes

The 2D Cafe at the Grand Central District in St. Petersburg by Maria Merello and wife was started to give the locals an immersive dining experience. The couple credits the idea of opening a 2D cafe in town from reading about the growing popularity of the concept in Japan. The cafe that worked with local artists to create the interiors, serve pastries, coffee, made-from-scratch empanadas, and charcuterie boards served in a cone shape wrap.

Ink Cafe, Qatar

Have you ever walked into a place and immediately felt like you would love the place even if the food isn’t that great? This 2D cafe in Qatar, Doha is just one of those places where everything looks like a black-and-white, two-dimensional, graphic-style space. But thankfully, you don’t have to compromise on your taste buds either. Offering a long list of iced and hot coffees, teas, non-caffeinated hot beverages, and even mojitos, the cafe has food options ranging from sweet breakfast items like waffles and french toast to sandwiches and a handful of cakes and cheesecakes when it comes to dessert.

Wok’ies, Kolkata

(Image credit: @sap_2_rshi/Instagram)

Kolkata’s first ever two-dimensional cafe is at par with world standards and it will leave you surprised with its ‘reality blended with illusion’ theme. The monochrome cafe features walls, doors, windows, chairs, tables and furniture in white, and the edges are outlined with black. Featuring an array of Asian dishes, they serve everything, from soup, salad and starters to mains, dimsums and combo meals. The Bean Curd in Spicy Orange Ginger Sauce, Honey Glazed Chicken and Hupak Style Pork are some of the must-haves at this 2D cafe.

Petway, Mumbai

This is Mumbai’s first 2D themed cafe, which is located in Thane. Serving Indian, Chinese, Tandoori and Italian fares, their BBQ Pizza, Hong Kong Rice, Dragon Chicken, Blue Lagoon, Happy Tower, Kurkure Momo and Cheese Fondue are some of the things that you shouldn’t miss. Even though the place is small and seats 16 people at a time, you will always find locals queuing up outside to experience the unique decor inside.

(Hero image:@2dcafe_shinokubo/Instagram; all other images: Instagram)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: What is the meaning of 2D cafe?

Answer: A 2D cafe is a themed cafe, where the decor gives the visual illusion of only two dimensions. It is all about the smart play of black lines on a white background.

Question: Which is the first 2D cafe in Hyderabad?

Answer: Cafestry is Hyderabad's first 2D themed cafe, with an artistic vibe and a quirky ambience.

Question: What does 2D stand for?

Answer: 2D stands for two-dimensional.

Question: Where was the first 2D cafe in the world?

Answer: Café Yeonnam-dong 239-20 is the original black-and-white 2D café in South Korea.

8 best 2D cafes around world all comic-book fans should visit

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