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The best new cafes in Bangkok for 2023

When life gives you lemons, trade them for coffee. A morning cup of joe helps you jumpstart the day, and it’s always fun to find a new favourite cafe in town to grab one from. Here are the best new cafes in Bangkok in 2023.

Imagine: the aroma of ground coffee beans as you walk in, the relaxing, calming vibe as you take a sip of your drink of choice, the crisp, tangy taste of the pastry that comes with your cup. A good cafe lets you forget all your problems even for just a moment. Bangkok won’t have any shortage soon when it comes to good cafes, so let us show you the new places to update your bucket list.

Best new cafes in Bangkok in May 2023

best new cafes in bangkok 2023 COSE CLUB
(Image credit: @pnppppppp/Instagram)

Great coffee, relaxing vibes, homemade baked goods—what more could you need on a day off? If you’re not into caffeine, offers a selection of organic herb-infused waters that will make any morning a good morning. Their sour dough is homemade and all vegan, which is incorporated into many menu items. Savoury highlights include the shakshuka focaccia, as well as the amazing butter board smoked salmon.

You can find more information at


best new cafes in bangkok 2023 CONVO
(Image credit: @pao.ptp/Instagram)

Convo’s menu is filled with twists on the classics that will surely dazzle you one way or another. Their most popular signature called the “Convo” is made with coffee and sugar cane, then topped with some foam and coconut.

Where Convo shines the most is through their bakery selection, which has a theme of traditional Thai desserts but elevated. They have a khanom tuay in a form of ice cream cookies, made with khanom tuay-flavoured ice cream in between coconut milk mochi and butter cocoa cookies.

You can find more information at Convo.


Bayaree is one of those places where you think it’s they’re just a showy cafe for Instagram, but then you realise everything here tastes pretty nice. With the interior decorated in an industrial loft style with an air of colonial touches, you’ll find yourself taking photos of everything. Make sure to arrive on an empty stomach, as they’re not only popular for their specialty coffees, but their food menu, too. From homemade Italian sausages to potato paves and duck confits, their savoury menu is on point.

You can find more information at Bayaree.

Best new cafes in Bangkok in April 2023

Homeland Cafe & Grocer

best new cafes in bangkok 2023 homeland

Homeland Grocer lets us into their newest venture: a cafe filled to the brim with great food made from locally sourced ingredients. As you taste their creations, be sure to order some of the coffee from their partner roaster in Loei. Their beverage selection also includes some names that you may be familiar with, such as Kad Kokoa, Sea’s Kombucha, Pure Luck, and more. It’s a great way to support local, for sure.

You can find more information at Homeland Cafe & Grocer.

Casa Formosa Taiwan Tea House

(Image credit: @bibanban/Instagram)

Who knew this addition to Yaowarat could be so adorable? Casa Formosa is packed with various kinds of Taiwanese tea leaves, along with little desserts you can nibble on as you watch the people walking about in Chinatown. Don’t resist the temptation to buy that pineapple tart—it really elevates the experience.

We strongly recommend the Li Shan Alpine Oolong. Just the scent alone could possibly make you transcend reality.

You can find more information at Casa Formosa Taiwan Tea House.

Fitmeal Cafe

Guilty pleasures simply don’t exist at Fitmeal Cafe, for everything they offer is both fulfilling in taste and in nutritional values. Each ingredient is carefully picked from local farmers with no harmful chemicals, ensuring that each dish is served using fresh, premium ingredients.

Highlights include the chicken & egg Mexican wrap made with wholewheat tortilla, as well as the shredded salmon & baby rocket salad. It’s perfect for a day at the gym, or just when you want to feel healthier for the rest of the day.

You can find more information at Fitmeal.

Bartels opens a new branch in Suan Phlu

From Phuket, to Phrom Phong, and now to Sathorn—Bartels brings their handmade sourdough and other delicious creations to Suan Phlu. Open-faced or grilled sandwiches, you’ll find yourself savouring every single bite. Be sure to try the Grilled Cubano, a grilled sandwich made from smoked ham, pickles, Parmesan, cheddar, and some mayo and mustard. Their smoothies and cold-pressed juices go well with the sandwiches, too.

You can find more information at Bartels.

Best new cafes in Bangkok in March 2023

Café Kitsuné Velaa

best new cafes in bangkok 2023 cafe kitsune velaa
(Image credit: @cafekitsune/Instagram)

The fashionable Café Kitsuné expands to a new branch in Velaa Sindhorn Village, offering the drinks and pastry selections we know and love them for. If you’re looking for something a bit more filling, order one of their delicious quiches or a charcuterie board—they have quite a large array of cold cuts and cheeses to choose from.

Plus, if you plan on staying long, they have selections of reds, whites, and sparkling wines that are perfect for a gossip sesh with some company, too.

You can find more information at Café Kitsuné Velaa.

Little Stove

best new cafes in bangkok 2023 little stove coffee
(Image credit: @ruby_kimmie/Instagram)

Little Stove is not just a cafe, but a large community area that’s perfect for the whole family. Homemade baked goods, all day brunch with premium ingredients, great drinks—you name it, they have it. There’s also a playground, outdoor seating, and gorgeous vibes as the breeze blows through the trees.

It’s a one-stop destination when it comes to family outings. Unless another cafe builds an artificial beach in the middle of Bangkok, there simply isn’t a place more equipped.

You can find more information at Little Stove.

Best new cafes in Bangkok in February 2023

Image credit: dalmatianth/Instagram

Dosan Dalmatian

Ever-popular Siam Square has a new cafe to add to its arsenal. All the way from Seoul to Bangkok, Dosan Dalmatian is proud to present good coffees and teas, three stories of Instagrammable corners, and a pet-friendly welcome to man’s best friends. That’s right—you can feel free to take your furry friends as you come by Dalmatian. Just beware of the woman in black and white hair, sporting a large fur coat, and played by Glenn Close.

You can find more information at Dosan Dalmatian.

Image credit: verde.thailand/Instagram


Verde’s tagline is “fresh with soul,” and that’s exactly what you’ll get visiting them. Apart from your usual coffee, they have a great selection of healthy smoothies and vegan protein shakes. Be sure to arrive on an empty stomach, because their food menu is filled to the brim with fine delicacies. Burrata, tomato, and prosciutto salad? Amazing. Nashville chicken burger? Now that’s comfort.

You can find more information at Verde.

Image credit: bijouxdebeurre.echire/Instagram

Bijoux de beurre Echire

Feel free to read the following text in a French accent: the Bijoux de beurre Echire is a brand new cafe that comes with a twist of Julia Child’s quote, “With the best butter, everything is good.” Bijoux de beurre Echire is on the right track to becoming one of the best cafes in Bangkok for 2023, thanks to its big offering of immaculate desserts, pastries, and other dessert selections using only the best butter (aka Echiré). If you haven’t tried the Galette de Rois before, now’s your chance. It’s translated to “King Cake” for a reason, and even comes with a hidden surprise. If you know, you know.

You can find more information at Bijoux de beurre Echire.

Image credit: qottontalecafe/Instagram

Qottontale Cafe

New cafe alert in Ploenchit—Qottontale is a spot that exudes the charm of the 1990s. Who knew warm-toned interiors and some yuzu coffee would make such a great combo? Their food menu is quite extensive too, so you can order a decadent mushroom soup when you’re low on energy, or some delicious apple crumble that will certainly make your day. The best part: the whole place is pet-friendly.

You can find more information at Qottontale Cafe.

Image credit: lambiancecafeth/Instagram

L’Ambiance Cafe

In a shocking surprise, “L’Ambiance” translates to “the ambiance,” which we suppose is the number one thing they’re going for. Guess what? It worked. The intimate atmosphere, the great coffee, and the pastries offered at the venue all work in unison. Whether you’re looking for a new place to crack open your favourite book, or just finding somewhere to escape the daily troubles, this small yet effective spot has you covered.

You can find more information at L’Ambiance Cafe.

(Hero and featured image credit: Cafe Kitsuné Velaa)

The best new cafes in Bangkok for 2023

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