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5 hotels in Thailand that feel like straight out of a Wes Anderson movie

While we can only wish the Grand Budapest Hotel existed in Thailand, these exotic hotels around the country offer a certain Wes Anderson ambience plus a little bit of something else to the residents.

Since his colour palette is so unique that it can be recognised at a glance, Wes Anderson has inspired, whether intentionally or not, several places around the world to adopt his films’ look and feel. It is safe to say that his aesthetic presence in Thailand is nothing scarce, for we keep seeing stunning architecture and design inspired by his work. Whether you’re looking to film the trendy Wes Anderson TikTok and Instagram videos or not, here are five hotels that remind us of Wes Anderson films in Thailand.

[Hero image credit: Villa Maroc Resort]

5 hotels that remind us of Wes Anderson films in Thailand

The Standard, Bangkok Mahanakhon

The Standard is probably among the first hotels we think of when speaking of design. This award-winning design hotel has 155 guest rooms plus multiple interesting outlets such as The Parlor, Tease tea room, Mott 32, Ojo, and more. From the yellow striped umbrellas by the pool to the pink venue of Ojo, the hotel is designed by Jamie Hayon and The Standard team, and features a modern take on Wes Anderson in Thailand.

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Josh Hotel, Bangkok

Josh Hotel is an artsy hotel in the hip neighbourhood of Ari. The hotel highlights the concept of being more than just a hotel but a community spot perfect for a lazy afternoon. There are different types of rooms for both people on a budget and those who prefer huge spaces all to themselves. While every corner including the lobby and hallway boast a dominant Wes Anderson feel and an 80s’ retro style, the swimming pool at the front is the signature Instagram-worthy spot.

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Public House, Bangkok

This brand-new hotel in the beating heart of Sukhumvit offers various activities from day to night. The design hotel has a dining and brunch venue, a co-working space, a rooftop bar and an open bar. It’s a great space for those looking for a convivial place to wind down or catch up with friends after work and on weekends.

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Villa Maroc Pranburi

Villa Maroc is the first luxury resort in Pranburi, an area adjacent to bustling Hua Hin town. Surrounded by the serene landscape of the Gulf of Thailand, Villa Maroc is heavily inspired by the architecture of Morocco and North Africa. Authentic Moroccan mosaics and desert-like settings bring magic to each of the rooms and pool villas. Guests will also find traditional Middle Eastern and international cuisine in the fine dining restaurant, Casablanca.

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Isara Boutique Hotel and Cafe, Phuket

Isara is a compact, boutique hotel and cafe located in the Old Phuket Town. Amid the beautiful Chino-Portuguese surroundings, Isara blends in with the culture with its colourful yet vintage design. The hotel’s most popular reservation is the only pool villa of the place, which grants a relaxing, spacious vacation in a prime area of Phuket.

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5 hotels in Thailand that feel like straight out of a Wes Anderson movie

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