There are not many places in the world as romantic and breathtakingly beautiful as Europe. The continent is known for its diverse landscapes (think sprawling coastal regions to rugged highlands), fairytale castles, grand hotels, an all-encompassing culinary scene, and historical buildings that date centuries back — inspiring and becoming the setting of some of the most famed poems, novels, and films in history.

We don’t know about you, but it’s not humanly possible to revel in everything Europe has to offer in one trip. Wanting to see all that the continent has to offer, inevitably begets many more trips to its various countries. Which leads to the next dilemma: Where should one stay? Europe is dotted with numerous magnificent and grand hotels, each one more opulent than the next — which makes this decision particularly tough to make.

To help you out on your next Europe adventure, we’ve curated a list of some of the most stunning hotels in the continent to add to your bucket list — and ours too, while we’re at it. From iconic hotels in France that have gained themselves the prestigious “Palace” status to residences in Florence so splendid they’re fit for royals, check out these grand hotels in Europe that you should stay at at least once (or twice) in your life.

(Main image credit: St. Regis Florence)